Interview with mind control terrorists

This starts off with an interview of how long this group has been stalking a number of individual and progresses into the deep workings of criminal activity hidden within the United Kingdom, the interview is done via the mind control tool known as the V2K and recorded via Facebook live.

The V2K also has the nickname the voice of god, but slightly different frequencies can push words through a victims mouth.

Note: Later after these interviews Tom  admitted that he caught up later on in Scotland and continued stalking from 17 onwards.

Warning: These interviews are uncut and contain bad language, but are of national importance, containing vital information, and evidence.

Part 1: Ages 1 to 16

Part 2: Last 15 Years, AIChat, and military dis-communication.

Part 3: Psytech, mind on a trigger, medical needs.

Part 4: The Green Dragon, Galley Hill Child Farm, Lea Valley View Scrap Yard.

Part 5: Techno terrorist tactics, infiltrated NHS, police, army, MOD, V2King politics, and covid.

Part 6: How V2Kers act like the person they V2K trhough, multiple V2Kers on one person is artificially induced multiple personality disorders.

Note: Part 6 was blocked on Facebook, but can still be downloaded from Google, all content was recorded by myself of conversation, no sound, video or music would break copyright laws.

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