Techno Terrorism

Modern terrorism tend toward the idea of suicide bombers doing damage to a infrastructure, such as a train network, but little is known about how it can extend into multiple facets that can be unseen and can be more insidious than an explosion happening in a public place.

Insurgency is mostly a buzzword to described a form of terrorism, but the details to what this it is very rarely touched apon. An insurgent is someone who inserts themselves into positions to cause harm, this can happen in a number of possible positions that can effect more than just a small sector within a government.

Insurgentency can effect many areas of an infrastructure including military, communication, policing, transport and politics.

Insurgentency can also effect unexpected smaller elements of a infrastructure including properties, businesses and medical infrastructures.

The main goal of inserting into a infrastructure is to take control of that infrastructure and use it to negatively influence a situation, where such an infrastructure would traditionally be use to positively effect a situation.

This method of influencing a force or service can have a large effect over a situation especially when the factor is used to control a situation, such as policing or military.

A single person or a group of people can take control of a situation without the normal threats to gain control, socially controlling a situation through simple psychological manipulation.

Less simple means can be used to control main elements of a force without the use of threats of violence for example bribery or blackmail.

A true psychological expert can blackmail with the idea of an artificial guilt placed apon a victim to control a situation. Simply having a fear over being framing can be used to control a person, even if untrue.

A psychological expert can also have control over a situation using minor psychological exploits, for example, saying the situation is over or under control, when the opposite is true, distracting force from controlling a situation based on an idea of everything is in control and safe, disrupting communication about an in progress event.

Presure being applied in a false situation control away from the true event can also be used to misinform and distract from an important scenario.

Techno terrorism can use a number of weaponry which is not traditionally used, an example of this is sonic and energy weaponry, which can be considered undetectable by traditional means.

The concealment of such weaponry by terrorists can also be technical, from bluetooth accessible controls hidden in plastered walls containing phone setup to weaponry to the concealment of vocally triggered energy weapons hidden with microphone on the inside of the mouth. 

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