Sleeper Agents Part 3: Military

The frequency used by the sleeper agent system know as "The Reich" tapes and tape player can render a person with major visual and sound memory recalls more vivid than a normal memory recall.

The tape players itself is the most damaging of the equipment able to emit this frequency, and must be destroyed as soon as its discovered, the tape in the original player or any other storage devices in any modern versions must be preserved, played through a normal screen or seeing the film can provide a partial cure to the recall effect.

The original tape player can came as a small cylinder that looks like a kaleidoscope with a tape reel in the center, this device can also be turned into projectors and big cathode grade televisions, and all equipment of this type has to be disabled.

Sleeper agents created by the "The Reich" tapes can be hard to detect, but once discovered all people involving with the person with the tape player has to be assessed to see if they are effected, as the person with the tool can use it on others.

The image although strong does not overpower an individuals normal visuals of reality unless with over excessive use.

An impulse to move towards certain goals while experiencing this effect can be dangerous in some individuals depending on their personal abilities and personal views of the individuals hallucinogenic experience.

The original system had a number of tapes that were more serious in concept, such as invisibly taking over of power via job acquisition, identity theft and acting into key positions within society.

In key positions the agent would try to achieve bottlenecking communication, spreading misinformation, mistraining military personnel, nuclear capture, further mind control research through psychology and technology, and use of that research for further power and control.

The effect of this frequency can leave a person unknowing of what they are doing, leaving feelings of confusion after awakening from a sleep walking state.

The more damaged the brain becomes from this system, the more automatic a person can become, as resistance become diminished along with brain function.

Repeating phrases or actions based around visual or sound stimuli, can result in repeated responses from an individual who is a sleeper agent, a sleeper agent may become uncomfortable, strained or stressed when resisting to respond with something that is programmed into them using this frequency.

Overall trained concept on top of this system can set a person into an dilution states, for example, treating this system like a game system can confuse an individual into thinking they are in the matrix, where everything seems less real.

Treating this sleeper agent system as if the system is the way back out of the system, or the cure to the effect, can further dilude and individuals to constantly damage an individual further.

A huge emphasis is placed on keeping everything top secret and hidden within a sleep agent cell, and the tape system in it self maybe treated as a holy object in the group.

A huge amount of myth, false science, distraction events and misdirection is applied mainly around compromising events or key technology.

This can seem like a magic show or a dramatic act, misdirecting the view from serious matters, framing individuals to create a false enemy to avoid agents being targeted, or an event being stated as different or less than serious.

In a more serious state of capture creating rouge military units, with misdirection using misinformation an event could be artificial resolved, when the actual event is still ongoing, satisfying people who needs to see a result, while in a separate compartmentalised continue reserving the sleeper doing damage.

While the leadership of the sleeper agent cell must know as much as possible, everyone else in the sleep agent cell can be compartmentalised and unknowing of the full information around the actions and the technologies of a sleeper agent cell.

Putting an agent under a certain stress of discovery of the sleeper agent system, fellow agents or themselves can cause the agent to go into a suicide bomber mode, depending on positions, equipment and abilities, this suicide bomber mode does not have to be explosive or self destructive at the start, but can grow over time into a self destructive state as aggression grows over removing a target or risk.

The general action towards individuals that uncover this secret agent system faces social defamation, slander, framing an individual on a criminal, legal, military, political and royal level, depending on the level of infiltration and influence within these sectors.

There is a heavy element on control in the sleep agent system, where falsel imprisoning in a prison is one method employed by sleeper agents that have infiltrated a government, slavery is the criminal opposite to this.

This can lead up to torture or murder, to indoctrinate into a controlled system or to remove uncontrollable elements from the sleeper agents system of control.

Just a equally distressing, torture and experiments are conducted in the medical and mental health profession where hidden sleeper agents are placed, to indoctrinate, conduct mind control research, conduct other dark research or to remove a person that can not be controlled.

An individual can socially be discriminated into believing themselves to be mentally unstable, using sly social psychology and creating a negative environment to irritate and individuals into an outburst from stress.

Personal invasion such as sensitive recording equipment and aggressive sounds to disrupt sleep, disrupt train of thought, and influencing activity are the main causes of distress and aggravation.

Depending on the level of technology of the sleeper agent cell depends on the level of attacks, psychological attacks are just the start, attacks also can include breaking into property, stealing items or identity, destroying items or property, using stolen identity, using heat to over heat, and using weapons to cause unseen pain.

In a distressed state, seeing a normal doctor, it is easy to brush off the effects of this torture to be non criminal, but the individuals state mind, expressing symptoms of paranoia and schizophrenia, when in actual fact it is exactly as the patient dictates, being stigmatised with this can lower chances of further getting aid against such criminal activity.

This may also include individual social communications to friends and family, a large factor in creating new agents involve disconnecting an individual from people they may know, and is a form of enslavement, which can lead to heavy social monitoring, control and abuse.

The types of communication that can be interfered with can be word of mouth, mail, phone, internet, hospital radio, police radio, military radio, and news.

With key infrastructure control, a lose of income can happen through sleeper agent effecting a social view to remover a person from a workplace, or to disable a social monetary substitute, or social benefit system.

When a certain type of tape effects a person to make a psychotic terrorist that is dangerously close to getting captured or dying this can cause the terrorist to excessively become evasive and cause a chain reaction of weaponry that is premade to become activate by the agent in a wide area.

Hypnotized minor agents by a leader agent may set out to confuse the enemy by being suicidal for their leader agent, sometimes acting like a cult members, this makes it seem the terrorist event is resolved and no further action is needed, when the event is over the leader agent returns.

Minor tape agent can seem mentally or physically diminished or beaten, and a leader taper may even hide among the minor tapers to act as the victim to escape.

Minor tape agent tend to be experiment victims and will have automatic responses set by the sleeper agent system, the more mentally diminished a minor agent less likely you will be to get a response that is not a pre-programmed response, the more mentally capable a person is, the more likely a person is to give a true account of what they are experiencing, explaining the strange automatic responses.

As a task force set out to remove this terrorist cell, specific equipment is needed for military personnel for safety, normal vision video goggles are needed with sounds recording, a replay of this after being effected by the weapon can help snap a person out of the hypnosis, and infra red mode on top of normal vision mode is helpful for seeing through the walls, which agents are also know to hide, the recording also need to be in infrared as that is what a person sees when zapped by this hypnosis system.

While in infra red, any over heating televisions need to be destroyed, and are very dangerous, a mirror can help see around corner, look out for giant cold blocks of metal cover areas where sleeper agents would hide weapons or would hide themselves.

The terrorist cell will also try to tunnel as well as bunker to create path ways hidden to the public between building, infra red the floor to see unusual structures beneath the floor and look for loose floor boards in cupboards.

Other armours maybe needed involving exotic attacks, for example lead armour to deal with electromagnetic weapons and chemical suits for chemical based weaponry.

When attacking, shooting non lethal takedowns are advices for interrogation to find about others in a sleeper agent cell, and to find damage done by the sleeper agents.

As for military communications, the sleeper agents have compulsion to hijack many form of remote communication and to disinform the public and military communications, disconnecting key infrastructure, such as policing, military, political and royal communication channels.

Private communication between sleeper agents can be complicated, simple communication method still exist between sleeper agents, like traditional pen and paper messages, but in the modern era bring modern communication methods, like phone, text messages and the internet.

Sleeper agents will communicated a mixture or commands, photos and triggers between each other and although the message seem confusing, once you see a repeating cause and effect, you can start to understand the communication between agents, and divert the effects.

Although some communication can sound like it is task getting completed or complete, remember both positive and negative phrases can bring a agent into activity, some people can be programmed in reverse speak, some agents can activate other agents into activity, causing a chain effect, some effects can loop around.

Robots may be needed in dangerous situations involving removal of traps, and disposing of dangerous equipment and bombs, drone maybe handy for scouting  areas, but are less accurate in a constantly moving battlefield.

Robots are able to also be a good scout of a hazardous battlefield without getting harmed from the hypnosis effect of sleeper agent equipment.

A force is also needed to clean up any illegal military equipment used, and to secure an area from further returning sleeper agent forces hidden.

It may take a whole squad to take down a well trained sleeper agent.

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