The Reason For Top Secret

Did Babylons library destroy itself with the wrong individual finding dark information it contained about something destructive?

In the modern Babylons library, known as the Internet, the repository of information contains most of the knowledge humans can possibly know about it's own fantasies, dreams, nightmares, history, scientific knowledge and culture.

The dangers of being misinformation with ideas about what is true knowledge, theory  and fantasy, along with realistic dangerous releases knowledge that should be hidden grows daily.

The Internet can seem like the truthful  ultimate knowledge of the world on a search engine search, but the accuracy of individual may become inaccurate based on the major output of these search engines.

The forefront of scientific knowledge can be misinformative based on theories of the closest understanding of the question asked, with no scientific results backing the response of a search engine.

It is natural to seek an answer to a question, just as equally as it is natural to trust the collective response, the problem is treating search engine responses as a collective response, to gather a true ideas of what is accurate on the Internet, a person must seek multiple results from searches and multiple responses on websites where individual participate in responding individually, scientific papers written with specific detailed results from experiments are best.

There are many scientific theories treated as fact, when the theories are considered ideas due to not having results in scientific experimentation proving their existence.

Finding scientifically factual information past the popularizing of theoretical ideas can be hard with the amount of fantasy information and personal opinion in the modern era, blurring what is fact and fiction.

Certain information can be dangerous for individuals, for smaller groups and the greater masses, an example of this is the details of plans to construct a dangerous device like a sonic or radioactive weapon which is an known as a indiscriminate weapon under the United Nations Charter.

Details of effects of these weapon plans may be unknown until created in some instances, causing damage to the creater, the user, and others around when used.

The release of the details of these weapons in this way are a social time, counting down to its creation out of curiosity.

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