About Adam Watson

Adam Colin Watson creator of this website under the pen name Felix Zell Shallow, www.adamaichat.com and www.entropiazine.com.

Known by many nicknames, mainly going by the name Felix to his friends and the local community, online known as Zelldot, also known in Entropia Universe as Felix Zell Shallow.

A website designer, a digital graphic artist and programmer.

Creator of AdamAIChat, a fully functional application for a learning chat bot system, making conversational artificial intelligence easily editable in a simple to use application, extending into games creation with games code for an online multiplayer gaming platform, bringing in game conversations with NPC alive.

Entropiazine is a gaming news website for a real cash economy game, almost every item in Entropia Universe has a real life value. Entropiazine has articles of news, events, and guides involving Entropia Universe.

Cape Corinth, in another website that was created as an in game perspective website for Entropia Universe. Containing lore based guides and maps for new players to explore the Corinth region on planet Calypso in Entropia Universe.

Other digital art created are found at Deviant Art and IMVU.

Expertise in the science of the spiritual understanding of psychology, ideologies, and theologies in the intellectual advancement of the human race as a whole.

Creating, reviewing and improving concepts and ideologies to excel the human race forward in multiple areas of understanding, including military tactics and defence, the technological effect on the environment, artificial intelligence, social concept and constructs

Other scientific knowledge includes, aero and fluid dynamics, biological structures and systems, relative and quantum sciences.

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(+44) 7865 509 574

Room 1
33 Brockles Mead
CM19 4PT
United Kingdom

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Recording of my bio hacked self fighting terrorist commiting atrocities from within the United Kingdom government abusing their power using as just a citizen. The index page for all the recordings of this page are at:

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