Artificial Intelligence
AdamAIChat: Artificial intelligent chat bot application and code snippets to add chat bot conversations to single games and multiplayer game creations for the BYOND development suite. Visit website...

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Within BYOND Announcements
AI Self Recognition
AdamAIChat for game creationists
Constructing positive brain files
Artificial intellect vs human intellect
The dangers of AI in the military
The future development from AIChat

Chaosism: Philosophical writings on consciousness. This website goes into a detailed about experience, knowledge and wisdom on a personal internal level, and then extends out externally to how far your interactions can reach. A mixture of modern philosophy, information theory and spirituality. Visit website...

Highlighted pages from Chaosism

Entropia Universe
Entropiazine: News magazine as a newscaster from within Entropia Universe. Visit website...

Cape Corinth: A Grand Theft Auto style in game website for Entropia Universe. Visit website...

Digital Artwork
Deviant Art: A range of digital artwork and photo edits created in younger years. Visit website...
IMVU: A set of 3D digital clothing created for a virtual chat network. Visit website...