V2K Backfire Effect

"This article is designed to discourage users of this mind control weapon and to deter people from its use. This article points out to the victims how this weapon is making the users of this weapon vulnerable, and is likely making the user of this weapon more insane than the victim with its use. This article also goes into details about how this weapon breaks multiple international laws set out by United Nations charter."

The V2K goes by the name the voice of God and is a weapon able to project an inner voice on a target many times louder than the inner voice.

This weapon is an illegal mind control weapon that is classed as an energy weapon firing microwaves at a target that breaks two of the international war rules set out by the United Nations Charter, and is considered a war crime to use.

The V2K is an electromagnetic weapon that can also wave out and pass through  individual targets and hit multiple targets, which also makes this weapon and indiscriminate weapon, also banned by the United Nations.

If the weapon is fired apon a target through a wall, without the target ever knowing where from and user of the weapon is always hidden with not physical contact to the target, this is also breaks an international rule of war known as silent invisible warfare.

The V2K backfire effect is caused by the weapon having an effect on the user of the weapon when attacking an individual.

The V2K backfire effect is where the user feels they become what they say when using the weapon, this can range from small ideas to really grand ideas on what an individual use speaks through the weapon.

The typical use of such a weapon is where it got its name "The voice of God", when pretending to be a deity through the device to manipulate an individual using twisted religious ideas, it is known as implementing a religious doctrine apon an individual and can also be classed as mental slavery, which is also both against the international rules of war set out by the United Nations Charter.

In less than a week the user of the device may become confused by the experience of not only hitting themselves with an over powered inner voice weapon with their own words, but also the controlling element of its effect on individual targets and their reactions towards such an effect can make the user of the weapon feel superior, leading to delusion of grandeur, where the weapon user will start to feel like a deity inside the users mind.

If V2K user is called out to not fit the idea of a deity to the users mind, and can not provide answers to a target that maybe shouting back to the effect of the V2K attack, the user may break one form a delusion of grandeur and create a new form of delusion, where the user of the weapon will still feel they are above everyone with the power of the mind controlling effect this weapon provides and may start to act like a demonic entity instead, feeling like a fallen angel pretending to be a God or deity, becoming more violent and aggressive in using the V2K, other energy weapons maybe used to cause pain as a form of punishment, such other electromagnet weapon like heat guns or pressure based sonic weapons.

Acting like a dead spirit may make the user of the V2K feel dead or invisible to people, and may cause a disconnect with people around them, they may feel like a poltergeist, a type of ghost able to physically move objects still, they are also likely to be silent and ignore conversation in the room, and may only interact with the V2K.

Acting like extraterrestrials with V2K can open up a massive level of paranoia that a user is being watched by forces they can not control, to a victim it is just a voice from somewhere else, believing or disbelieve is irrelevant, and physical abduction is the main proof, but for a V2K weapon user extremely complex ideas can create a form of delusion that is very excessive much more complicated in details of fantasies more far out than deities, angels and demons, this can include planets, species, extraterrestrial intentions, parasitical beings, concepts of possible abduction scenarios, technologies, planet destroying weaponry, the men in black, interdimensional existences, and time travel.

To a victim of an V2K extraterrestrial story, the imagination of the recipient will not be the same as the imagination of the weapon user, thus the ideas from the imagination of the weapon user will effect the weapon user much more than the victim hearing the story inside their mine.

Acting like Royalty or a person in a certain position of power, such as military or police can confuse the weapon users to state laws and rules that may not exist and the user may start to belief them heavily, confusing what is legal and illegal, and aggressively sticking to their false beliefs, creating a huge disconnect to reality and how much power a position actually has.

Using a V2K to attack a user claiming to be mental illness or induce a mental illness on a target has can create a mental illness to a users of the weapon, talking and acting strange often with this type of weapon will enhance these personality traits which already exist in the weapon user more than the victim, to the victim traits like this may not even exist and are only induced temporary while the weapon is in use.

Attempting to induce a drug use and dependency on a victim can backfire on the weapon user even heavier than the victim, especially if the weapon user has access to the drug supply, likely because it the weapons users voice that is more effective against the weapon user than the victim and the range of the weapon is closer to the user than the target, another factor is if the victims does not have language of the drug trade and does not have access to the supply of drugs, the victim is a lot less likely to consume them.

A V2K weapon user attempting to induce fear in the medical system is likely to fear the medical system much more than the victim exacerbating negative scenarios, the victim who understands that a V2K is being used on them are likely to be more disappointed and less likely to seek medical help due to the exotic weapon rarely being used around the world and thus not receiving any medical aid, a victim who seeks medical attention is not likely to be cured of symptoms due to the cause being external not internal.

The same can be said for local police forces that may not understand the exotic weapon and the nature of such an attack, attacks may calm down when certain forces are around to avoid detection by V2K weapon users, military may understand this weapon better, even if it hard to detect, undercover military force maybe needed to uncover these illegal weapon users, and the personality traits of the users and the delusion of grand power maybe a sign of these types of weapon users, along with heat detection technology.

The mental degrading of the brain in these V2K users using the weapon at close proximity can cause a massive list of mental functions to diminish, such as lowered social inhibitions, paranoia, irritability, irrational ideas, delusional thoughts, compulsive behaviour, aggressive behaviour, violent outbursts, extreme existential thoughts, obsession with power, obession with control, short term and long term memory loss.

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