The Inner Voice And Inner Ear

Hearing the inner voice is a fundamental part of human existence and a basic component of human thinking.

Damaging the inner voice or inner ear can have dramatic consequences, this can effect memories, conversation and disintegration of person thought space privacy with thoughts becoming outwardly spoken, as individual with this damage depend on speaking inner thoughts out loud just process life.

What hears the inner voice is the inner ear, the questions and answers of the mind are all part of the inners ear ability to hear the outputs of the inner voice after the mind  works out an answer, the inner voice and inner ear is also used for reading in the mind rather than reading out loud.

Thought itself are made up of many components and one of the major parts is an internal sound creation and recollection.

Converting visual information:

The inner voice is used in reading and writing and the information of visually seeing symbols conveying information about sound and meanings behind the sounds are process by the inner voice and the inner ear.

The inner can also generate sound for visual stimuli, such as hearing waves when looking at a picture of the sea.

Recalling and generating sounds:

The inner voice is very flexible, and is not bound by the same limitations of the physical material universe, the inner voice can speak in words and can also speak in sound effects, the mind can imagine sounds and recall sounds from memories for the inner ear to hear.

Generating language:

The mind tends to make shortcuts in speaking to itself, thinking of many things to say is faster than speaking with your physical mouth, it can generate its own language even is physical spoken language is refined, unique words among groups can start this way, this is known as slang.

Imagining conversations:

Doing mental simulation in the mind of real life scenarios is one the best traits of the mind, and can be used to mentally prepare for a scenario in life, conversation imagination is done with the inner voice and the inner ear.

Recalling conversational memories:

There are many individuals parts to storing memories of conversation, long term memories of conversation uses inner speech and the inn ear to hear that speech.

Checking conversations: 

With short term memories, the mind can replay the conversation you are currently having with the inner voice and inner ear, the minds checks for accuracy or to process the information on a deeper level.

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