Illegally Using Top Secret

Top secret is information that is hidden to the public for the reason of safety to the public, individuals and small groups that are dangerous enough could access this information and use it otherwise.

A good example of top secret information is dangerous chemicals recipes, bacterial genetics, viral genetics, dangerous equipment plans and illegal weapon plans, the details are kept to help alleviate, cure and combat the existence of these dangerous things.

Knowing and communicating of the existence of this equipment and the damage it can cause is not illegal, sharing specific details of how to construct these dangerous things can get you in trouble.

Knowing and communicating of the dangerous effects and how to alleviate, cure or defend against such effects is not illegal, it is only illegal if the alleviation, cure or defence of these effects does more harm.

Certain individuals have access to this top secret information, higher levels of the military use this information to protect against its use and specific science labs have access to help discover new medical cure and technological advancements.

Research into certain equipment, genetics, and chemicals is done far away from civilian areas.

Scientists dealing with dangerous equipment, chemical hazards or biological hazards on a top secret level tend to work with strict containment and control rules in the workplace, many with military involvement, these strict rules are not only for the safety of the personnel on site, but also the safety of civilian inhabitants locally and globally.

Within these labs information can be compartmentalized to ensure that the information of dangerous elements are not released to the public.

These labs tend to be considered top secret locations for safety reasons, these labs of the dangerous materials and knowledge that can harm. 

In the public certain materials are heavily monitored and can not be brought easily as some elements can be dangerous or can go into the construction of dangerous materials. 

Top secret recipes, plans or designs tend to be very dangerous compared to standard known weaponry, but not all top secrets are dangerous and these top secrets tend to need a high level of protection.

Knowing the process of creating dangerous equipment or materials tends to be private knowledge, sharing information like this can be criminal if it is a top secret, it is dangerous if the wrong person learns this and has the materials to create such dangerous things.

Creating dangerous materials can be hazardous and criminal, using such dangerous equipment or materials not only can harm yourself, but also harm a large area of people around you.

As most top secrets tend to be extremely dangerous to use, creating and using them tends to break the United Nations Charter and is considered a military war crime.

The top secrets that are not considered dangerous tend to need protecting and abusing certain elements that pertain to a top secret being a top secret can have dangerous effects on that top secret.

Top secrets exist not only to protect civilisation, but also to protect individuals from harm.

Using the veil of top secrecy to create a secret hidden policing system is a criminal act, no immunity is given to individual people who are considered top secret when a top secret individual is committing a criminal act. Testing on individuals without their concent under the veil of top secrecy is also a criminal act.

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