Modern Anti Slavery Tactics

Modern slavery tactics are very different from the old concept of slavery because how illegal slavery is, it is less whips and chains and more psychological in nature.

In many countries slavery is a crime and in the UN charter it is classed as an atrocity, it is considered a war crime to enslave a person, this article is to help identify and oppose slavery.

The goal of slavery in the modern era is to discommunicate everyone from around a person and replace them with their own people, modern slavery is hard to achieve among the developed countries with constant connection to the internet via their phone.

Doing this on a young person is known a grooming, but adults can be groomed in a similar way using what seem to be friendly interaction but are actually sly coercion tactics, and misinformamion tactics.

Damaging a persons reputation is a tactic of modern slavers through violence or slander, pushing people away aggressively or socially, then acting friendly towards the victim to lure them into darker situations.

As for modern technology, communication is a very important part of our lives and being about to send your location and explain what you are doing via social media is a big advantage to a persons safety.

Slavers would try to disconnect you from this by removing your phone or hacking your devices to do this, always stay connected a much possible.

Because of the way modern slavers try to get you alone, once you understand this is a groups goal, it is adviced to socialise with many people, do not move to a new location from a location you are well known, if you have moved to a new location where people hardly know your, it is advised to move to location where you are known by many people.

In the modern era psychology is the main thing used leading to slavery, being a false friend praying on what you want and fear is used to coerce a person into criminal activity via blackmail or bribery, giving slavers more of an ability to blackmail in the future, which can lead to more coercion into further criminal activity.

Lying about things an individual could possibly acquire, like receiving a prize or reward for doing an illegal activity can set an individual up to fail, being lured into a situation which can be used to attack the person doing the activity with evidence of doing.

Blackmail is the opposite to this, using fear to attack a person, slavery fails if the initial blackmail fails to work on an individual, as no further criminal activity will happen which could be used for further blackmailing.

Ostracizing a person from people in general is another slaver tactic, a mixture of blackmail, threats, slander, social deformation, shaming and bribery can be used.

The slavers tend to speak very nasty of the targeted victim, but may seem friendly towards the victim, or would have a friendly individual to lure a person away while another group is being nasty towards the target victim.

Loaning and debt is another route into slavery, this can be done without money and done by favours instead, psycological pressure can be applied to repay a favour, slavery can apply to drug dependency and drug debt.

Drug dependency alone can be a route into slavery, using that dependency to control an individual.

Slavers tend to target the mentally or physically inabled, children, elderly, homeless, people in poverty and drug dependent individuals.

This can be done within established institutions that offer services that care for these individuals, such a ward of a small hospital, an asylum or a small commune, hiding behind the veil of care is neglect and misconduct.

When repeated misconduct happens, the best cause of action would be to leave the environment and find a better service, speak about what has happened.

Communication is the key to surviving attempted enslavement, hiding your under attack because of fear or shame will allow the slave group to continue their attack.

Having a good network of people to communicate this can be a big help, and with modern technology, recording on social media live and sharing locations can save you.

Hiding away can increase your chances of enslavement, where socialising can lower your chances of enslavement, beware of intoxication, loaning and favours if you are unsure of the people around you, also be aware of being lured to odd location you do not know.

Stay in control of your own life as much as can, say "No" and stick to "No" if you are feeling uncomfortable, avoid being tempted by external means, and definitely avoid being pushed by fear in a situation that could be a lot worse.

A phone can save your life, so guard it carefully, this would be your main point of communication, and in modern slavery, its normally the first target before the owner of the phone.