Snuff Show

Elements of this article contains information about an unusual form of slavery which is against the United Nations Charter.

This is a warning to local actors in Harlow, Essex, England: Do not take acting jobs that are in civilian housing estates.

This article is of a dark web show created purely for the creators private entertainment where participants in the show are killed in what the group calls a snuff show, putting civilian in danger in a the town of Harlow, Essex, Endgland.

The name "snuff show" came from an old British phrases "to snuff it" which means to dies, "he snuffed it last night" meaning "he died last night".

The group starts by hiring civilians to take part in show not know that it will end up in a murder conviction or their death.

Originally there we an in house killer in the group that got known for killing, this killer always acted like the hero, saving people in the show, as the killer got exposed, the group started hiring outside actors instead.

The actors of the show consists of the group itself that hires people and the actors that do not know they will be firing a gun that will kill another actor that does not know they are going to die.

The hired actors outside the group would be tempted with a high value paycheck, which they would never get paid, because they are killed or framed for murder.

These show used to be much longer when the group was undetected, fake bullets were used in the script on the group, but the actors outside the group gets hit by a real bullet resulting in an actors death.

As the group began got shut down for the amount of people that went missing from this show less and less scene were made and les fake bullets were used, speeding up the show to the main death scene, this made the group easier to detect.

The group originally consisted of many compartments including the recruiters, the actors, the script writers, the legal team, the crew, the get out guys, the enforcers, the clean up squad and the watcher.

The script writers create a script for the actors where everything is planned based on what the watchers want to see that day.

The recruiters find actors willing to take part in a show, without letting on they could be committing murder or could be dying from the show, these recruiters normally lure these actors in with the promise of a huge pay check for a simple job.

The legal team consists of bribed individuals, infiltrators into enforcement agencies, such as police and army, fake police and army in real uniform, and fake judges in fake court room scene which are also set up to be apart of the show, which also results in the death of an actor for murder.

The crew set up the scene ahead of the actors, the scene tend to have escape routes and places for the groups actors to hide, this is not only to avoid camera views, but to also avoid the actual authorities if they are found out by police or army.

The get out guys help the group to escape the situation if authorities are involved, these tend to be a mixture of fake police, fake army, and infiltrators into police and army.

The enforced lock people into the situation creating a hostage or slavery situation where a person can not escape, at the beginning of the show communication is severed from the rest of the world by supplying a phone and removing the participants phone, or their phones are hacked using hacking tools, if it is discover by an individual that the situation is not safe, they are unable to communicate outside for help.

The enforcers will forcefully contain an individual in the situation with violence and threats.

The clean up squad will remove and offending material from the scenes including dead bodies and weapons and may also consist of fake police, fake army and in infiltrators into police and army.

The watchers are the main reason for the shows existence and are the main people giving the orders, the watchers are the directors of the show and are never on the show itself, being on the show causes a risk getting caught for being in the show.

The watchers give orders by proxy to members of the group who are willingly are apart of the show, the actors apart of the group that are willing to participate in the show that often shot on the show and come back for another show tend to be apart of the group, the victims never are seen again.