The whip and the golden carrot

A new age slavery group has been discovered to incorporate multiple forms of psycological methods in enslaving people.

The whip is the psycological influence through fear to push individuals forward who fall behind, and the golden carrot on a stick is the psycological pull of an individual luring individuals towards an unreachable prize.

A mixture of using an intising reward system and an aggressive method of the traditional fear inducing physical violence or blackmail is employed by the slavery group.

The more illegal the activities set by the slavery group to do the more likely the chance of blackmail, and further activities that can be set by slavery group with further blackmail.

A grand reward is used by the group to lure in a victim to coerce an individual into an illegal action, and a mixture of blackmail and violence is used to enforce the coercion as a fear of failing a task motivated individuals more to not subvert from the task.

One of the method is very similar to controlled opposition and uses a separate group to route out opponent using false allies to reindoctrinated individuals back into a situation.

A minor reward system maybe employed to subside the overall wants and needs of an individual towards the main goals of the leadership while an unreachable grand prize is presented, unknowing to the individual that it is unreachable, this prize can be flashed to motivate an individual, and the goal itself can be changed at any point.

An individuals personal wealth can diminish over time in the process of trying to reach the unreachable goal, as time and assets are consumed to gain the ultimate prize, giving up worthwhile things for the groups goals as the psychology of being apart of a community, group or gang is highly mentally enforced, surrounded each individual with other individuals after the same grand prize.

The diminished value and wealth of an individuals life can make an individual more desperate to aim for the grand prize with a mixture of the feeling of putting it all in for nothing, desperate for the plan to be successful, and a desperate feeling to regain what is lost.

When the plan seems unsuccessful an idea maybe implanted that certain further illegal actions will help cover up the situation of currently known illegal activity, this is another form of blackmail.

This is a form of cult like mentality and is mental enslavement, religious concepts and strange philosophies about life and how reality works can be used and can further spawn even stranger ideas and philosophies on existence, this disconnect with reality is enhanced by the leadership to further disconnect individuals from outsiders of the group and further connecting an individual to the group more, contributing to further mental enslave of an individual.

The group can be made to feel like they are in a special club or a secret organisation, where outsiders do not understand the inner working of this special group they are apart of, this can hide criminal activities in the group with each individual covering for other individuals in the group, this can enhance the seemingly worthwhile part of the group, but is further physically and psychologically keeping individuals tied to the group.

Outside the group the leadership will ostracize individuals in the group to further disconnect the individuals in the group from seeking and receiving outside help, this is done using slander, character deformation and releasing acquired blackmailing material, the criminal activities done by each individual can make each individual fearful of seeking help from law enforcement due to their own imprisonment.

An individual can be set up for a crime they did not commit, and if the set up is true or not, the threat of this can be used as blackmail, an individual under the threat of torture if no evidence of crime existing can admit to a crime just to stop the torture apon themselves.

An individual who may not wish to take part in further activities may still be roped back into the groups activities simply by having other individuals in the group forcibly covering for an individual if apprehended by the law if the group is in the legal system.

Favours are a form of bribery and blackmail, and individuals may feel psychologically pressured in to repaying favours through further illegal actions.

Slavery and mental slavery is against the United Nations charter, most of the criminal activities mention in this article, such as blackmail, slander and character deformation is against the law in most countries.

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