The Blackmail Loop

Succumbing to bribery or blackmail can lead to further blackmail depending on the request of the person blackmailing, and their ability to convince and capture further illegal activities the person blackmailing desires.

The original idea that is used as blackmail may not even exist and evidence maybe non existent, digital manipulations can be used against a person that is being blackmailed, but can also be detect by software designed to detect digital manipulations, once detected will go against the person blackmailing.

This depend on the fears of an individual being blackmailed for the person blackmailing to gain control of a persons actions.

Once a individual has been manipulated into certain actions, it proves to the person doing the blackmailing that an individual can be manipulated, with evidence against an individual or not.

If an individual can be manipulated into  criminal activities using blackmail or bribery, the fear of the knowledge of someone finding out these illegal activities can lead to further blackmail, if the crime has been captured in evidence or not.

An individual who tries to initiate blackmail may not be able to present the evidence to be backmail with, and could just be trying to sway a person on fear alone.

Once a person who uses blackmail discovers fear can manipulate an individual, the  person can continue at any point to further manipulate the same individual indefinitely.

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