The Harlow Monkeys

Important: This article is here to help explain and prevent mental/psychological slavery. Harry Harlows rhesus monkey experiment is now classed as a crawl illegal experiment, even on animals.

An example of the Harlow experiment has happened in animals and humans, a psychological experiment in social order which is illegal and dangerous.

Dr. Harry Harlow's rhesus monkey experiments in the 1950s contributed a great deal to the psychologist understanding of attachment theory. Unfortunately, his later experiments also contributed a great deal to the need for ethics regulations in animal experimentation.

Harry Harlow, and scientist into a nasty experiment in which monkeys are trained not to reach a goal by social keeping themselves in order with each other after presenting a painful danger to reaching a prize has shown it is possible to manipulate a small group into controlling each other through pain.

This nasty experiment has been seen to happen in a small group of humans in Harlow, Essex. Where the reverse of the Harry Harlows experiment was applied to a small group of individuals were beaten into a goal rather than beaten away from a goal, the experiment being run by a Mr Cooper and Mr McKean.

In the original experiment where Harry Harlow would put a group of monkeys into an electrified cage with a piece of fruit. When any of the monkey got close to a piece fruit in the cage as a prize, the cage would be electrocuted, forcing all of the monkeys to suffer pain as a whole group.

After a very short time all of the monkeys would realize the shock of any fellow monkey getting close to the fruit, and each of the monkeys would get aggressive to stop each other from from reaching the prize to avoid the pain of the shock.

When every monkey reacted to another monkey getting close to the fruit trying to stop the one monkey shocking them all, a monkey was replaced slowly one by one, after the first monkey being replaced, no shocks are applied, as the monkeys would aggressively attack the new monkey in the cage to avoid the shocks.

The monkey would learn to avoid the fruit, not by the pain of the electric, but in the social and the physical pain of of the other monkeys instead.

After all the monkeys are replaced one by one, the social aspects of holding the other monkeys back from the fruit would continue, even if further monkeys of the group are replaced.

Mr Cooper and Mr McKean Harlow experiment has show the the reverse can happening in humans along with the actual effects of the original experiment, socially showing that myths and delusional concepts can grow from avoiding induced pain, especially when the source of the pain is ambiguous or unknown.

Cooper has shown humans can also be set a target along with avoiding targets with the induction of pain, just like Harry Harlows monkeys. A major difference between Harrys experiment and Cooper experiment, is the fact that we can communicate human idea and concepts with each other.

In the Cooper Harlow experiment the same method of pain induction was applied through sneaky means where certain groups from outside the area had highly energized electroshock inducing equipment placed apon them to shock them when a target needed to be aimed for or a target needed to be avoided.

The group were monitoring via cameras set in building and micro cameras set apon each person via a necklace jewelry to monitor each individual in the experiment.

In the Cooper Harlow experiment each individual was set a goal and a thing to avoid, each time a thing to avoid was approach, a shock would be applied, and each time a target was not aimed for or done, a shock was applied and a reminders of what needs to be done was applied.

The shock when a person was idle or a shock for not aiming for their goal would motivate the individual to achieve their goal to avoid pain of further electrical shocks.

On a human social scale, the indoctrination of an idea behind the shocking can also be induced and depending on the understanding and reasoning ability of the individual, if the concept behind the shock itself is unreasonable, an individual can discover and removed object used to indoctrinated.

The main motivation to continue into such a project is down to if the individual if the individual can understand the source of the electrical damage. In the experiment that Harry Harlow done, the monkeys were unable to respond in a spoken form, unlike the Cooper Harlow human version of the experiment.

In the Cooper Harlow experiment, the subject that were fully indoctrinated would follow the ideas and concepts of Mr Cooper and Mr McKean when there is little understanding of where to electrical shock were coming from.

If the subject found the source of monitoring,  communication of electrical shocking equipment, the indoctrination would not accepted.

The indoctrination is fully sustained and built upon if the scientific deduction of an individual could not be concluded. False ideas would be enhanced by the already lacking information of the individual in a group, and building upon false ideas the further enhance the indoctrination .

Such ideas of Mr Cooper and Mr McKean being a god, an unreachable target, and an invincible being! Just like the monkeys with the fruit in Harry Harlow experiment, punishment would be applied by electrical shock to a group to avoid a target and enhance the groups idea of self controlling the group by other individual with the same ideas set in place by Mr Cooper and Mr McKean. Some of the subjects would say it blasphemy to go against Tom.

This is a form of mental imprisonment is a prison without walls, inmates keeping inmates in line, and the torture elements to reach this point of a person's mental state is illegal.

The other way Mr Cooper and Mr McKean used this shock tactic was to set a target via a message, and if the target is not being aimed for, shocks would also be applied. Remaining out of sight to keep the original idea that Mr Copper was a deity, a message would be sent along a chain of people so that all the group got the idea of what the goal is.

This was not Mr Cooper and Mr McKean only method of communication, a set of speaker systems were also used to relay a message to the group of the instructions, and sometimes using headphones or a head set on a subjects, sometimes the form of a small speaker in the ear. All communication between Mr Cooper and Mr McKean and his subject was mostly remote and unseen.

Mr Cooper and Mr McKean had methods of entering a house at night and applying this equipment if it is removed, the shocking equipment came in the form of hair clips, necklaces and small eye implants that administer painful electrical shocks.

The subjects by the end of the experiment were disturbed in the way of being removed from education and falsely educated by a false internet set up on their phones removing them from the digital society we all live in. This bubble internet would have a fake Facebook, fake Google, fake YouTube and a fake Wikipedia, with a load of a fake information about scientific and religious knowledge. Leading to cult like behavior.

A defence against this is understanding the experiment itself and seeing how a small group can have an overall idea which can be wrong, and the defence and exerting of this idea is sustained to an extreme level.

Looking in from outside the group, the group would do a form of aggressive social control and violent abuse within the group. It is also likely that the leader of the dark experiment would be control the whole group like cult leader.

In a group exhibiting behaviors of sustaining a dangerous concept via psychological social or violent aggression, a leader would be the initiator of the dangerous or false concepts and would be the one administering a shock state in both physical and psychological forms.

The violence will show in physical forms, in the form a bruising and cuts. Electrical damage is harder to detect, but maybe seen when done in the form of twitching, wincing, of screaming in pain, and in some scenarios.

The psychological element can be show in many ways including shouting at a subject, creating false prizes for completing a task, or treating the event like a game or an act.

Once noticed it become easier to understand and defend against. Mr Cooper and Mr McKean did not know of the original experiment done by Harry Harlow, and both Harlow experiments considered illegally inhumane.

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