Herd Mentality

The Covid epidemic has been in the new constantly for a good few years now, and is a fear tactic to compartmentalize the population to suppress communication between the population and government organisations.

The general view of herd mentally has been turned on it head and is sold as the opposite idea. What herd mentality is meant to be about is to go out and interact with the herd, as a big group.

This is the opposite of what is happening because the information is not accurate. We are being told that coop mentality is herd mentality, this idea of staying at home is actually stopping people catching a virus so that immunity can not be gained as easy.

The idea of herd mentality is that every catches the virus allowing people as a group to develop immunity, where coop mentality keep people from being immune by bubble wrapping people into their homes in fear of the outside world.

With coop mentality, the virus spread slower which increases the chances of the virus mutating into something new.

If you compare Covid with bird flu or swine flu you will realize that the numbers are not as high as other pandemics, also if you compare countries which have higher populations and less wealth to cover themselves with masks or medical care, you will realize that the infection and death rate are lower than first world countries.

If you was to look at flu spread rates you could call that a pandemic compared to everything else, and that is a common virus caught and ignored. The Covid virus has a slightly higher spread rate, but has exactly the same symptoms as flu itself, and the people that would be highly effected by the virus are the same that would be effect by the flu virus in the same way.

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