Covid Mass Compartmentalization

Herd immunization had been used wrongly

The concept of herd immunity is that a population is mixed together to allow the group to obtain a typically low damaging virus, like the cold or flu. Using the inherent immune system in each indervidual in the population to fight and become immune to the virus.

Herd immunization is not compartmentalization, compartmentalization is the opposite to herd immunity, keeping a large group of indervidual apart from each other.

Lanes and traffic lighting

The flow of the population can psycological controlled during this covid scare with simple arrows on the floor, and some shops have employed a literal traffic light system to control the flow of the population.

Moneyless Society

There has been a push by the banks for a very long time to go contactless, and with people worried about touching things other have touched, to stop the spread of a virus, people are now using their contactless cards more.

Anti-Bacterial Overuse, Super Bugs

Super bacteria and viruses are linked with constantly killing bacteria and viruses, with the most resistant surviving and reproducing to fill the void of what was just killed, evolving themselves as they reproduce.

This is most noticeable super bacteria MRSA, methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus, also know as the super bug, is a well known bacteria to appear in the more cleaner hospitals.

Over Use Of Masks

Due to the moisture building up on the mask after each breathe, bacteria and viruses are more likely to stick to the mask.

Disposable masks are ment to be used in a short period of time and then disposed, but the average person reuses masks.

Entertainment, Media And Repeat News

With the compartmentalized socially we all look for other ways to entertain ourselves at homes with TV shows, movies, games and the internet's.

Socialising has moved into the background with the only human interaction taking places at shops, with people in the household or at the work.

If you are looking away from entertainment and more into what is happening in the world, the other option is the ever repeating news.

The current news is repeating hourly show about the Covid report, or some other topic based around the Covid virus or how it is effect many things. Like something out of George Orwell's 1984, and the news of the never ending war everyday.

Target Gang Assults

This is one step towards an Owellian state, while everyone is glued to the media, cut of from communication with the local community, other force can begin to creep into society, this is known in the book "The art of war" as deviding and conquering.

These other forces can range from private indervidual, corporations and political lead.

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