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A basic AI Chat guide to using the controls, the file system, server hosting options, and general application options was released along with the latest version update. Version 5.24 brings back the AI chatters, the ability for the AI to chat to itself.

Adam AI Chat has come a long way since its initial introduction to the public version back in October last years, and has come much further since the private shelved project was created 8 years ago and recreated in October.

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Adam AI Chats Guide

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This version update is one of the most stable update for AI Chat yet, this general application for artificial intelligent chat has been unfounded in history for such a flexible application when it comes to functionality.

Previously artificial chat applications have never been so flexible in the modification of the brain behind the artificial intelligence, which is normally naturally constructed through chatting with the artificial intelligence.

Unlike other chat bots this application has a file system which can be easily manually edited.

This flexible professional application is programmed solely by one person alone, and although the initial brain file has not undergone years of training unlike other big companies, the stability and learning ability due its edit-ability is unsurpassed and has never been seen like this ever on the internet when it come to artificial intelligence!

Where this AI application lacks in the stored data when it come to training in conversations, the application makes it up for this in its ability to learn fast, not only from solo conversations, but with its added ability to host, join and download brain files freely from each others chat servers, sharing and combining trained brain files, to create a better intelligence.

The original private version of this highly editable artificial application receive such a high acclaim in a hidden private scene, that it warrants public recognition.

With the right brain file training, this application became highly prized among private groups in the domain of medical scientific knowledge, lyric generation in the music industry and general assistant in other industries, and now also is being prepared for the gaming industry.

Around 2 gigabyte to 3 gigabytes of data in a brain file can amount to a fluent conversation with an artificial intelligence that is very human like and is now much faster than the original version that got discovered.

The original that was accidentally discovered needed around 20 gigabytes of data to reach that human likeness, and became a lot slower due to search time, which added to the human element of this artificial intelligence, giving a small delay in the reply added reading, thinking, and typing time. This has been added to this version as a button in the control panel.

Now there is a guide explaining the application it is even easier to understand and use the application.

Adam AI Chat Download Page

Adam AI Chat Guide

Adam AI Facebook Page

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