Mutually Assured Survival (MAS)

The cold war just after World War 2, it was weird war of where fighting with guns, missiles and bomb was not the major element. The major element of the cold war was a mixture of spying, building up nuclear missiles, and ideas.

This era caused a massive level of paranoia to civilians, as the struggle for dominance among the super powers was expressed via indirect means such as psychological warfare, propaganda campaigns, espionage, far-reaching embargoes, and technological competitions such as the Space Race.

One of the main fears of the era started when the first two atomic bombs were dropped, the immense destruction of the two bomb, which the United States detonated over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 and 9 August 1945, killing 355,000 civilians between both bombs.

This started the nuclear arms race, and the ideology of mutually assured destruction. This ideology is simply, you fire at us, and we fire back, leaving both sides not surviving the damage.

The fear of firing and taking a hit back with such a destructive weapon was to deter each side from firing, this became a long term agreement between nations.

The major problem with this is errors in detection, errors in firing, miss firing, and a single leader or infiltrator initiating the firing process can lead to more destruction than need to exist. Putting many more at risk, doing double the damage to human life and human survival in general.

Not only are does it have effect on the human population, it has an effect on the natural plant and animal population for many years after the initial explosion, leaving residue radiation for years to come, increasing the change of deadly mutation.

The radioactive damage can also effect childbirth of the future population due to mutation in both the human and animal population altogether outside the blast radius where radiation can still hit within the surrounding area of ground zero.

Mutually assured survival (MAS) is the opposite of the current ideology of mutually assured destruction (MAD), where the idea of survival as a whole is more important, doing as little damage as possible to surrounding areas in the long term.

Traditional war never left major marks on the landscape and the wildlife in general, but actually did the opposite, blood spilled in battle would return to natural cycle of the planet as it degrades into the land.

War has always been fought over resources and land, and the radiation left over from such a weapon renders the land unusable for a major amount of time, including the acquiring of resources within the surround area.

The long distance effect of such a weapon can also effect surrounding populations with nuclear ash coming down like snow, known as fallout. This radioactive material can travel far with the wind.

The material used in such a weapon can better be used in other ways, including nuclear power. The metals used also have a better use with modern technology, such as computing further advancement, improving transport, and construction, leading to further growth for the human population as a whole.

Further more stockpiling such weapons can lead to more mistakes, with every bomb or missile that is nuclear, the higher the chance of errors happening, and materials becoming stagnant in an economic sense.

An economy, particularly the GDP of a country, is based on the flow of money and resources, and an economy without movement in this regard become stagnant, not only that, money and resources are needed for the upkeep of these bombs and missiles in personnel, security, and the materials needed for the systems themselves.

Mutually assured survival is a concept based around the survival of the human species and Earth as a whole, and the disarming of nuclear weapons around the world would benefit the human race a whole as most anti nuclear efforts would be sanctioning and traditional warfare as a whole, stock such weapon to never be used due to the massive damage they can cause is an insane waste, just like mutually assured destruction is named, mad!

No body want nuclear, no body want nukes, no one know why we even stockpile so many!

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