Monetary Enslavement

Modern slavery tactics are very different from the old concept of slavery because how illegal slavery is, it is less whips and chains and more psychological in nature.

In many countries slavery is a crime and in the UN charter it is classed as an atrocity, it is considered a war crime to enslave a person, this article is to help identify and oppose slavery.

One type of path to which slavery can happen starts with financial problems creating a dependency on an individual or group for survival.

Survival factors can include money, shelter, food and even protection.

A group attempting to enslave may cause trouble in the financial aspects of life for an individual, making a person seem unappealing for work, disconnecting support networks, such as friends and family, and attacking to remove state benefits and financial aid services through false accusations about employment or health conditions.

A person unable to work due to health conditions with state financial aid removed can leave a person in a very vulnerable position financially.

Workplaces, estate agents and housing services may receive many false complaints about an individual to put financial income and housing and risk, removing the protection of housing and the ability to lock doors and windows, and leave very little protection when homeless, living in a tent made of fabric or less.

Finding work and new friends can be diminished by appearance if a person has been attacked heavily, being visually unappealing due to cut and bruising creates an image that a person could be trouble, getting into fights often and can also be unappealing for customers to see from a managers perspective.

Becoming dependent on other people for shelter with unknown people can become dangerous.

False accusations of false health conditions and abilities to work can also damage the income of state provided financial support, a safety net provided by a nation can be the last blow to finish a persons life off leaving them homeless and hungry, with no way to pay for food or housing.

Family, friend and partnerships can be attacked through social deformation through background gossip around an individuals life, disconnecting the support networks around a person.

Disconnecting family, friend and partnerships are another safety net which can save you from financial and housing problems.

Other forms of social deformation outside of a the support network of an individual can effect the general public's view of an individual, which can also hinder an individual from acquiring work and housing.

Attacks on an individual leaving visible damage can also hinder the growth of an individuals support network by stopping social interactions with new people hindering the chances of acquiring new friends, it is also possible that this may also disconnect old friend due to the lack of interaction over a long period of time.

Social damage can be done via word of mouth gossip, but can also can be done via electronic communication, using social media to create hate groups.

There is safety in housing and social support network, but there is also safety in communication, such as phones and the internet, if an individual is unable to afford communication devices and services the danger can greatly increase.

The ability to communicate with emergency services is highly critical to survival and can be the difference between life and death.

Dependency may start subtle, people acting friendly, trying to help with financial aid, employment and shelter, but it can become a life long issue where a individual is over worked, underpaid and disconnected from real help.

A false support network of fake friends may constantly drag an individual back to the same situation over and over, if it is not done by force.

Over a long period of time false ideas maybe installed to keep a person incarcerated in slavery through false friendships, shutting down ideas of escaping from a situation