Anxiety Wave Cannon

A freaky use of sonic weaponry can be used resonate certain physical states artificially effecting an emotional state based on a physical state of the body by using the ghost or the fear frequency to stimulate the physical reactions of anxiety to trick the mind.

This is overcome by knowing the difference between the bodies state and the thought behind it. Double checking with your own mind about how the body is reaction can give you a clear indication of external or internal sources to the bodies reaction.

An artificial induction of physical reaction to an outside source can simulate a reaction  but if the mind is not aligned to these emotions, the feeling themselves can feel unusual.

Low frequencies can lead to a bodily reactions such a jolting or shivering to simulate high levels of anxiety which can trick the mind if not understood as external.

Further more, people that are sensitive to these frequencies can be highly effect by these frequencies and can further produce even more negative effects such as paranoia, with the feeling of being watched.

Sonic weaponry can have a pushing effect on the body when fired, when these frequencies are used it can have an added effect.

Sonic weaponry in it selves is illegal under international laws and the use of these frequencies using such weapons is classed as mind control which is also internationally illegal.

Playing these frequencies through a normal speak is not illegal.

This frequency can be found in certain so called haunted structures where the walls or a building resonates with the wind to produce a low frequency which give an eerie haunted feeling, the amplitude of these frequencies are not very high and are not damaging at all.

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