Sleeper Agents Part 4: Born Agents

This is a very dark psychological article about people born into a psychologically dark situations involving cults, terrorist cells and sleeper agent cells.

This article is designed to detect and protect against cult mentality, extremism and terrorism cause by physical slavery, mental slavery, monetary slavery and childhood slavery.

Slavery is against the United Nations Charter, and against the law in almost every country across the world.

Children born into a heavily controlled environment around them in the learning state of young can be miss directed heavily and trained in odd ways, and depending on the indoctrination of ideas into a young learning mind, can shape a individuals overall perspective and actions towards a particular thing in the universe, when ideas in a group of people are exacerbated to aggressive action to retain and repeating self sustaining idea, this may seem from the outside like a cult or crazy family with strange upbringing, but never underestimate the sophistication, dangerous sleeper agent cells can be created that way unknowingly and can be a form of mental slavery from a young age.

Although not majorly used, false fiat currency over the majority agreed upon currency of a country while the leadership of a small group claims the major currency of the country can create an artificial economy bubble that can be used as an unusual form of financial based slavery, if the leadership can control payments and food pricing at the same time this is very dangerous, especially if the currency look the same but if a fake app on a phone.

A pressure to sustain an individual self or family can be applied through hunger and other dependency, trained individuals are  normally employed with this false currency to enforce the structure if also fully indoctrinated, if not fully indoctrinated the  countries normal money would be used, where the leadership can control the financial flow from the country to divert people around and away from the controlled set of people, the is very scary and dangerous on a larger scale and can be considered a hostile takeover.

In a smaller group when the fake currency bubble bursts, this can leave individuals born in a cell detached from understanding financial in a greater society that already exists, and skills acquired for work in this bubble of control maybe inadequate for society, or dangerous to society.

This concept can be more complicated than just complete monetary control, such as points win prizes, tempting actions leading to the gain in objects, favors, or to gain a higher social ranking in the cell society, loaning and social tokens through interactions can be center focus of a groups activity, when very little alternative is offered for survival and is forced apon with enforcement methods, little choice in options for work is contained within to the cell to do illegal activities unknowingly, the cell can be forced towards larger negative social actions on the greater society on region out of the cell, when born in a cell indoctrinated knowing the function outside a cell can be hard to reach for an individual or can be to understand.

From outside the cell, a cell can operate forms of controls with enforcement which can be seen as slander, threats and blackmail, and apply temptation with prizes, objects, money, and social status, which persuasion with bribery to coherence a person into criminal activity further creating more to blackmail with.

This idea of a gold coin hanging from a stick you can never reach and never know you can not reach it and a whip behind to keep a person in line to a goal to control can both be applied at once, and is a very nasty tactic both against the law, and for an unknowing individual that grows up into this trap in this situation, it is slavery but the individual may not know any better.

Inside the cell for someone born into the cell  the building blocks of methods of learning, understanding and logic can be broken, the way the universe works and ideas of interaction within it can be effects, concepts including purpose, morals, fears, social interactions, value system, rules and much more can be effected within a young person when growing up in a cell, thinking in older life are based on the building block of the mind in younger life, ideas can be exacerbated over a large period of time creating a sleeper agent cell or cult group.

Both terrorist cell and cults have very similar attributes, both contain large amounts of misinformation to rally a group of individuals to a goal which would negatively effect society or themselves,  individuals born and raised in these cell societies tend to have many destructive ideas towards the greater society, and to die for their cause of a group of people heading towards the same goal, most individuals in these societies may not know what the true goal of what the leadership wants, the leadership will have goals set to each individual compartmentalized unknowing of the true nature of the minor actions of that  individual, the individual indoctrinated can think the task completed is having positive effect to a greater amount of people, when the opposite is true.

Communication in a sleeper cell if very cut off from society and is also heavily enforced, with more technologies in the modern era being more invasive of privacy, it is easy to create bubble networks of communication, with communication being misdirected or cut off to and from a group.

Looking out for the signs of a system like this is very important for the greater society as nasty method of psychological control can be employed to endorse slavery of the mind and body using unusual method.

Someone talking about someone else's wishes, intentions, actions and interactions is not talking to an individual directly and is not seeing the actions of an individual directly, people trapped in a cell tend to have an individual or group in between keeping individuals within a cell from interacting and communicating outside a cell, keeping up the compartmentalization of an individual.

An individual born in a cell may call out in strange or in a coded ways as to avoid punishment from the controlling system, it may not be via normal methods of communication, as the normal methods maybe highly monitored and dangerous for that individual to call out on.

When born as a person in these societies, calling to get out of the cell society may not ever happen because the concept is non even exist within these individuals, and their existence may be normal for them to continue, some individuals may even be stubborn about learning these concepts outside their sleeper cell and may heavily defend odd concepts about the reality around them.