Detecting sonic weapon use

It is not harder to detect sonic based weapon use compared to other weapons, each attack is an air pressure and vibration based weapon, the detection of such weapons to the average person is not as difficult as originally expected.

Small noticeable effects of these weapon in use can be detected in lit candles, liquid drinks rippling, slight warping of glass or mirrors, smoke movement from incense burning creating smoke and body thrusting due to the push is apparent.

An explosive rippling of air can be detected in normal air flow in the more intense pressure intensive weapons, just like a heatwave can effect the flow of the air, adding a rippling effect from the source of the attack.

Most of the damages that comes from an explosion without fire of extreme pressure that ripples away from the source. This explosive effect can be detected in super slow motion and an explosion big enough to be seen with the naked eye as a ripple.

Thumpers, also known as ground based sonic weaponry can be detected with rippling of water and seismic monitoring, ultra sonic thumper can be detected from burning feet.

Gargling of body parts as if they feel like a stomach hungry in an unusual place, like a leg, can also be a physical detection of projected sonic weaponry.

Vocal attacks using a microphone done with sonic weaponry can result in a data translation from movement to sound based on waves or movement detected when recorded by a camera, such as through ripples in liquid or smoke, or more solid movements, like fine paper or shaking of a camera.

With the triangulation of air pressures the source can be detect, which a specific microphone outside the hearing range of the human ear designed for higher pressures, and seismic monitoring, a person can detect the source of the sonic weapon attack. 

Receiving data from multiple sources and using detection equipment and triangulating using the speed of sound a person can detect the source.

Unlike a electromagnetic weapon where the attack is a straight beam, sonic based weapons expand out in a pressure wave away from the source, no matter how directed the pressure wave it, it expands out and be comes dispersed with distance.

Such attacks can leave the user of the weapon more damaged than the victim in certain circumstances, firing such a weapon to target threw a wall can cause a lot of rebound damage off of the pressure hitting back from the wall itself, being sonic weapons work on the the concept of sound and air pressure.

Sound reflects off of surfaces, but energy can pass through with vibrations of the surface to the other side.

A certain amount of this damage reflects back, a certain amount is absorbed by the a medium between the target and user, like wall or doors, and a certain amount is heard of felt from other side of a wall door in the normal vocal range.

Just as you hear a sounds through a door, window or wall, the sound tends to be muffled by the medium it passed through, on the same scale sonic weapons can do the same.

A certain level of air pressure can reflect back off of the wall causing damage to the the person firing when less damage is done to the target based on the medium of the wall between.

The eyes can be effected with higher frequencies, getting double vision in an individual eye can also be a form of detecting ultrasound levels of frequency when close to the source.

With the double vision with one eye closed, you are able to see a rough direction of attack angle due a certain direction having visibly more vibration than another.

The damaged caused by these kind of weapons can cause organ and bone damage, especially the brain.

Sonic weaponry fire at the head can cause pressure changes in the sinuses, blocking breathing and can lead to pressure based headaches.

Teeth are the major bones exposed to the outside world and will disintegrate faster than other parts of the body.

The damage to teeth is found closer to the root of the teeth rather than the tips of the teeth and can feel like an itchy pressure. The tenth at the sides of the mouth are likely to get damaged more than the fronts, but if the front of the teeth are exposed by damage teeth by the side of them, the front teeth can be damaged easier.

The brain itself can receive a huge amount of damage disconnecting cells from each other used which communicate thoughts, emotions, and sensory inputs and outputs.

Organs with fine details, such as lungs can slow be damaged to a high level. The high amount of pressures involved can interrupt breathing and heartbeat, creating an artificial state of emotion based on breathing patterns, and example of this is anxiety and stress.

Studies have found that exposure to high intensity ultrasound at frequencies from 700 kHz to 3.6 MHz can cause lung and intestinal damage in mice. Heart rate patterns following acoustic stimulation has resulted in serious negative consequences such as atrial flutter and bradycardia.

Sonic weapons fire at the chest can cause high pressure changed cause a victim to cough violently.

At certain frequency of air pressure can create artificial emotions which can effect a situation or battlefield. The ghost frequency also known as the fear frequency can create an anxiety in a targets causing shivering or jittery movements. This can effect the  control of a situation by reducing accuracy of weapon fire and by reducing the morale of people dealing with the situation.

Sound protection already exists in the form of noise reducing foam or sound foam which is found in recording studios, which is used to nullify sounds in a sound booth, and is likely to be the be sonic weapon defense.

The uneasy feeling of these frequencies used in a battlefield are classified as mind control weaponry as well as energy weaponry which is also illegal under international law.

Sonic based weaponry is considered illegal by the United Nations under energy based weaponry use.

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