Sleeper Agents Part 2: Syndrome

Condition description:

The frequencies mind control effects can range from visually embedding images into the eye and embedding repeating sound in the inner ear, disconnecting the ability to describe what is seen and heard.

The effect of this frequency is long lasting and can create flashback of an event which can be triggered by visual or vocal triggers, some people are compelled to do what is watched, or repeated what is heard. Both the triggers along with the compelled actions and words become unknown, blurry, hazy, void or invisible to the afflicted, also disconnecting their ability to describe the meaning of word and actions connected to words.

It is known that other forms of stimulus is also recorded and replayed when visual or vocal trigger force the mind to recall when frequency afflicts the mind, like emotional states and physical sensation of touch. Triggering a sleeper agent can cause a surreal memory flashback effect.

As written letter are on the film and can be printed on the film, the users of the Nazi Reich projector can become what seems to be dyslexic from not being able to see the letters properly from then on. Slight eye movement can cause some other adverse writing effects such as double writing letters, or writing letters or numbers in an odd way.

Long term use of this frequency can cause a permanent disconnection with reality and has been known to erase parts of reality into a white void from a person view instantly around one of these devices. People this disconnected can have multiple automatic responses, but are unable to see what they are doing.

A person who has watch one of these devices a few times feel like they are slightly pushed back from reality, long term use can make a person feel like they are in a tunnel, and reality is like a dot, hearing can become muffles.

Condition detection:

As the frequency can cause blindness, seeing clouding in one or both eyes is likely, the more a person uses this system the more they burn a hold into the vision of their eye/

The frequency creates an affliction similar to Tourette's syndrome, but more subtle. Just like Tourettes there are vocal and action based tics, these tics are responses to very specific triggers, and if a trigger is repeated the exact response is met every time.

A person afflicted may say "I do not know what I am saying." or "I don't know what I said." and find it hard to understand certain words or sentences, and complain that certain word or sentences are muffle or hard to hear. 

An afflicted person may ask what a simple word is quite often or say they do not understand a word, for example "What is up?" or "I don't know what up is!", these words may be associated with a vocalized  or a physical response. In one of the original Reich Tapes, saying "up" can make a person afflicted want to look down.

Repeating a word or phrase back to the afflicted after hearing it from the afflicted can trigger further responses and triggers, a response can also be a trigger.

Epileptic seizures can happen to frequent users of this frequency when common words are heard on there own, such as "And!" or "The!". This is where sudden bursts of electrical activity in the brain caused by multiple hypnotized frame activating all at once causes seizures or fits. 

Similar conditions:
Dyslexia - Struggle with reading and writing words.
Dyspraxia - Struggle with numbers and math.
Tourette's syndrome - Movement and vocal tics that can be triggered.
Alzheimer's syndrome - Memory loss and regression.
Erotomania - False love syndrome, to full in love with the idea of someone more than the person.
Stalker syndrome - Following a person excessively.
Identity disturbance - Unable to understand "You", "Yourself" or "I".
Delusion of grandeur - A Person acting like they have power, like a king, queen, angel, demon or god.
Delusion of control - A person acting like they control all.
Goal dilution - Changes the way we perceive the quality of a person, products or services.
Multiple split personality - Change names and personalities in one body, void of each other personalities memories.
Hyper vigilance - The elevated state of constantly assessing potential threats.
Anxiety - The feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, can be severe.
Agoraphobia - Fear of going outside, and being outside
Claustrophilia - Obsession with being in confined places.

Blindness - A hole maybe burned into the eye, turning the eye grey leaving a blind spot.
Epilepsy - Epilepsy is a common condition where sudden bursts of electrical activity in the brain cause seizures or fits.
Flashback / Hallucination - Replaying very vivid visual images.
Psychosomatic Pain - Pain is not connected to anything going on physically with your body.

Triggers from the Reich Tapes:

A person afflicted with the Reich Tapes have specific triggers, if a person who responds to "What are you?" with "Initiator!", "7!" or "13!" consider them dangerous. Thirteens hide them selves as sevens, and if asked "Are you a 13?" they will say "I have been uncovered!" and will be triggered to become very dangerous. If asked "What are you?" back by the afflicted, say anything other than a number.

The initiators wants to replicate and spread the hypnotic effect along with the tapes. The initiator would pick two opposing side and commence hypnotizing both sides to fight against each other while making the initiator invisible or hidden from the hypnotized.

Tape 7 is known to reverse concepts, this can have major impact on communication and concepts leading to bad or unwanted actions, you may say to these people afflicted "Turn this off." and they will turn it on. Here are some examples how this can go very wrong fast:

"Yes" reversed with "No"
You get what you don't want, you don't get what you want.
"Heal" reversed with "Hurt"
You hurt yourself to heal, and avoid healing like it hurts.
"Love" reversed with "Hate"
You do what you hate, you love people hating you, you avoid what you love like you hate it and hate on the people you love.
"Right" reversed with "Wrong"
If doing right is wrong and doing wrong is right, its all wrong
"Pain" reversed with "Pleasure"
Destroying others or being self destructive, avoiding pleasure like it is pain.

Tape 13 is known as the demon tape, it makes a person record something that make them guilty, and then add the recorded tape to the beginning of the 13th tape and the watch tape 13 again. There is a large urge to cover up your guilt with this tape, and awakening from this tape can be traumatic, this makes a person afflicted with this tape want to develop bigger tape players with the same frequency.

Long term reuse of this system can make the 13th tape reel get quite large if the person is not caught and repeat watching of this tape adds more and more triggers leading them to continue committing what they would consider a guilty thing.

Tape 14 is known as the angel tape or the demon hunter tape and is designed to shut down people who are afflicted by the 13th tape.

The other known tapes are Tape 3 with "What is your mission?" and Tape 5 with "What do you want to do?", these are specifically meant to be used are one off missions.

Effective alleviation and cures:

There is a permanent amount of damage due to the radioactive blast of one of these devices, and although it is possible to recover from the hypnotic effect, it is not possible to recover from the radiation damage to the eye and the brain.

The afflicted persons view of a word or concept can have an effect on the outcome of a triggered action. The compelling urge to complete something needed should be heavily ignored as much as possible, if there is a task, goal or mission, that is not the way to recovery but further sickness or damage, especially if it involve committing crime or further watching the device.

Seeing the last frame of the tape from a player is effective at snapping a person out of the hypnotic effect, also seeing a larger device like the television version in its cooling down state can also recover a person.

Sometimes this does not snap a person out of the hypnosis, but leave a vivid image in a persons head, mentally trace the image with imagination to help move the vivid image forward like a video, just like imagining tracing paper or drawn on plastic sheets like how cartoons are made, this also helps removing the hypnotic effect.

Once a trigger has been activated, a individuals can work through the flashback effect by simply tracing the flashback in their imagination to help move forward the hallucination, once played through in the hallucination, the effect of this weaken and breaks.

If there is a bright white blank frame that appears in the mind, it can be hard to imagine, use a torch, a bulb or some blank white computer screen with the gamma or brightness turn up high, a candle with white paper in front of the candle might also help.

Copying the image on computer or tracing it on paper with a similar colour range might also help move a frame in the mind forward.

A person recovered from the hypnotic effect is likely to say they "moved slightly forward", "snapped back", "popped back", "slammed back", "hit reality", or "come out of a hole"

An afflicted person may have completed a task, but you are not clear of the hypnotic effects, the urge to repeat a task may come back later without knowing it.

Repeating the sound can trigger the next thing heard in the mind or vocally when afflicted with the effect, repeating the last thing heard when getting afflicted can snap you out of the hypnotic effect.

Matching a frame can play out the visual images seen when afflicted by the effect. Matching the visual image of the last thing seen when afflicted by the effect can snap you out of the effect.

Activating a trigger can replay events that can be traumatic, but if it can be worked through, the person can be released from the hypnotic effect and the flashback will never be triggered again. If a calming trigger is found it can help.

Once a trigger has been found, saving an image or recording the sound of this trigger can help in restoring the mind through training.

An individual may need to play through the flashback multiple times, recording the initial trigger can help to test and repeat the flashbacks effect.

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