Blackout Risk

The government and military are there to serve and protect the population and is made up of the population, in the UK there is a hidden insurgency in the military and ministry of defense that has been hidden for years, but is just coming to the surface.

The problem with this is the citizens do not know of it due to a media blackout focused on wars outside the UK and the Covid outbreak, and the style of damage the insurgents do is based around hidden warfare and social deformation, leaving the citizens in a state of weakened defense, knowing of the attacks happening in a silent warfare allows civilians to protect themselves better.

Communication is a major importance to infrastructure of government, military and the citizens is serves, when communication is destroyed or miscommunication happens, it can leave the general population in danger not knowing what is the danger.

A lot of people have been involved unknowingly due to compartmentalization, in the style of the Milgram experiment, but in sneaky ways, getting innocent people to take part in the form of medical examination, scientific experimentation or acting in a show to hide what is being used to attack.

The method of attack is done through switches like the original Milgram experiment, but also employs the use of EEG headsets and microphone as weapon triggers, passing on the blame to the people which use these tools to the unknowing user thinking they are just acting or doing a simple task through these system linked to weapons.

The lack knowledge on the public news channels has left some people defenseless to this not knowing they are using weapons on the public remotely in these insurgent groups infecting actor groups, medical establishments, and general workers looking for simple employment.

The locals have been filming these terrorist have been putting the videos up on their own person social media pages when they are found out, but this is not enough to notify the larger community.

Reaching out further to communities outside the bubbles of local friendship groups on social media to bring in unknowing victims to take part in these illegal experiments is a a high risk without a larger acknowledgement of the situation.

Not knowing the full risks of any situation leave the risks of damage or harm.

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