Questioning Authorities Control

Questioning is an important thing to understanding reality, but more importantly acquiring information from multiple sources can be more valuable, the most important thing to consider when finding truthful information about reality is finding multiple results from experimentation.

Being trained in the wrong way can lead to many hazardous situations, one person providing the wrong information about important matters can lead to dangerous situations on multiple scales. This can apply to personal lives, businesses, and even countries.

Also being trained to find results in the wrong way due to bad experimentation and a bad scientific method can lead to bad information from the results, which can lead down further misinformation about a subject later, leading to long standing myths or bad facts being spread.

Another thing is to able have multiple perspectives because inside a small perspective is information that can be misinterpreted on an exponential scale if no further information is available.

Without further data from within a confined perspective, different data can not be acquired, a larger group can hold a misinterpretation of a subject until, a person is able to not only acquire new data from a different perspective, but prove that's data to hold up in repeat experimentation.

The Milgram experiment is an experiment in to how an authority figure can control a situation through compartmentalization without knowing the full facts of the information.

One compartment would be an authority figure guiding a subject to torture another subjects in another compartment via electrical shocks with nothing but sound to show the results of the experiment to the testing compartment, when cries of pain were heard and the subject would be asked to continue.

This experiment can be further made nastier by further compartmentalization, with no information returning to the testers, and the results returning to another compartment, with the testers no knowing what is happening to a victim in the torture compartment.

Not only that, the authority figure guiding the experiment in the testing compartment can be controlled by a separate compartment guiding the testing compartment, the testing compartment not know about what the test is leading to, just flicking switches.

Many compartments can be made by an authority figure controlling the whole thing, testing compartment, result gathering compartment, torture compartment,  information relay compartments, and clean up compartment.

A clean up compartment can be used to hide the illegal experiment by threatening or killing individual in any of the compartments, and also can be used to control the situation through violence or threats of violence.

Questioning authority is very important when it comes to combating the illegal activity of these torturers, seeking outside support from others is very important, mainly because the experiment is kept hidden in the shadows, being unknown is the main reason for the continuing of these experiments.

The police, army and other armed forces are trained to question such orders as an important part of their training but can be misguided with bad training, guiding them to just follow orders.

In the situation where authority is not questioned certain assets of government structures can be controlled and can run away with dangerous rules leading to a tyrannous authoritarian government.

One of the most important combats to such a state is the public understanding of the psychology of these controlling systems, notifying a corrupt system can lead to further harm. Also known as controlled opposition.

Controlled opposition is apart of the clean up group seeking out any of the escaped subjects speaking out against the system, acting as an ally to contain the subjects within the experiment or control structures, as found in George Orwell's book 1984, where the resistance force against the government turns out to be apart of the government, seeking to root out rebels against the control structures of the system and to re-indoctrinate a subject back into the control system, just like room 101 in 1984.

With knowing these techniques you can further protect yourself from these structures used to control. The key part of this is letting everyone know what is happening, not just a few individuals. A few individuals can be apart of the controlling system, narrowing information shared.

Information and knowledge of these structures in general can help prevent these structures from forming and combat these structures already in place.

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