Discrimination Suppression

Brushing off a single person calling out against something important is a form of suppression that may effect the larger society in the form of an unknown invisible danger.

Technology such as the V2K and sonic weaponry is hard to detects when weapon fire is through the walls and the victim is in  separate locations, the cause of damage and the damage itself is separate.

A V2K also known as the voice of god has multiple frequencies, the microwave spectrum is larger than the visible spectrum, not only can it effect the inner voice, but can be attuned to daze a person and make them speak the inner voice out loud and cause muscles to twitch.

A sonic weapon attack can leave unusual damage on the victims body, such a degrading teeth and bones, or raptured flesh and organ damage.

Other electromagnetic weapon damage such as heat and general microwave weapon damage can damage hair growth and leave patchy or heat damaged hair across the whole body.

From the victims point of view it is very hard to explain the truth to outsiders of such an attack, and the group attacking will perpetuate that a targeted individual is suffering from schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder, the people that accuse such a thing also need to be brought into question, especially if they are really pushing the idea.

Any group outside a persons life abusing or perpetuating the idea of mental illness, when the abused individual does not know the criminal must be called into question, it is understandable from within a persons life after interacting with a person, that concerns may exist, this is a method of detection for detecting individual that may be causing harm.

The abusers are likely to follow an individual without knowing the individual face to face that is under attack, they maybe in close proximity but never in the same room interacting, and people outside the situation are likely to see this.

The group attack may slanderous towards an individual but can be friendly to that individual if met in public without actually interacting for more than a few minutes, the aim of the group is to effect a persons image socially, this is called deformation of character.

If a victim moves house and the effects subside for a short period of time, it is likely to be outside intervention, and the criminals may have to catch up with the victim later, if the attacks subside when a victim has moved, the victim can be sure they are a targeted individual of psychological attack from exotic weaponry.

Without weaponry involved, such an attack based around social deformation can be damaging, a bad rumour can negatively effect a persons reputation in a place where a person is not known.

People suffering from mental illness are more likely to get attacked than any other group in the world, are the least likely to get protective services if the mental illness is known, and are not likely to seek protection from protective services because of this.

All criminal cases need to be examined closely when it come to crime and complicated mental disorders to resolve future criminal activity.