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Page last updated: 3 September 2023.

What is meant to be for security and protection from nasty continent is being abused, Google ability to block content from searches has hit and the site it is forwarded from as Adam Watsons, the author of the site, is dealing with identity theft, destruction of financial income and is facing blacklisting of many kinds via a rouge terrorist cell within the government while calling out an SOS.


This website has always brought you good information when it come to security and defence against illegal military weapons, illegal mind control weaponry and defence against slavery.

Also providing warnings to the public about artificial intelligence being used in the military, other communication within the government structures, along with communication blackout warning, miscommunication warnings and information about compartmentalization.

Specializing in information about  psychology of people, encouraging the questioning of an authority figures orders and control over groups of people is a vital part of the education that this website provide.

Using a mixture of social psychology and an educational approach in personal understanding of oneself using a unique philosophy of consciousness to grow and defend the mind and body against tyranny and technological terrorism.

This website will continue to provide information about a self defence against such attacks and will continue to be advertised via as this website has been removed from searches.

Originally this website was in the top ten results for a google search, now can now longer be found at all!

Hopefully this can be restored soon, if not question the controls currently in place in the United Kindom for the internet and the state of mental control over the people.

24 May: The same group have also removed from google!

Just as proof on for adam ai chat Click here: Bing results for Adam AI Chat!

25 May: as is now restored on again! Still number 1 on!

Although there are people withing the government suppressing my life, there are also people in the government aiding myself, the government structures are made of people, and although it is a small group suppressing myself, there is a larger group dealing with this, and helping me to counter this terrorism.

26 May: This website, also known as is still blocked.

27 May: Attacking group is attempting to get controls, as predicted on Adam C Watsons Facebook.

28 May: Facebook banned from sharing group posts to groups and from groups to my own wall. Adam C Watsons Facebook.

This is a very odd ban, a normal group ban is down to spamming a link in many groups and can last an hour, this kind of ban normally bans sharing to groups, but this ban also bans sharing from groups to an individuals wall, nothing offensive has been shared, still able to post on a personal wall, but unable to share it.

7 June: Checked a number of website linked to Adam Watson and noticed a new religious philosophy website is also blocked on Google searches, this website has an in depth logical description of what knowledge, wisdom and the soul is.

12 July: Still no update and no communication over the blocking of this website or  will be checking later to see if it is a global ban or just in the United Kingdom, there is no reason to block chaosism, and is considered religion suppression.

22 July: ( has been restored on Google searches!

27 July: ( has be blocked on google searches again, is also blocked on google searches.

Still no contact over energy weapon attacks apon myself.

3 September: All website are available in searches, but not searches: is blocked, but is not blocked, is blocked, and is blocked.

After looking into ways to contact Google, I used the reporting feature to contact Google about this.

27 September: Opposition to my gang stalkers in the government have helped restore my website on google searches, "" also known as "", "" also known as "" and ""!

Thank you to the resistance against mind control for helping to restore my websites on Google searches!

The attacking group: The group tempted with a royal accounts due to the author of this website (Adam C Watson) for damages done to him when he was child was stolen along with 22 other royal accounts.

Later Adam remotely had an Interview with mind control terrorists, a part of Adam's history was reminded to himself, and further nasty activity was revealed.

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