Conscious Philosophy


Multiple philosophical writing pertaining to consciousness, information theory, collective social consciousness and interactions in the universe have been added to a new website.

Chaosism originally know as Feism is structured set of understandings about reality based on a personal belief structure.

Containing a mixture of philosophical, psychological, scientific and spiritual writings.

Image NYC Wanderer (Kevin Eng)

Set out like a book starting from the basis of how information is perceived when received, how it is stored, how it is used and how it is further transmitted.

Describing the fundamental information of experience, knowledge and wisdom on a personal internal level, and then extends out externally to how far your interactions can reach.

Based on multiple religious philosophies put together in a scientifically accurate form breaking down the different part of the psyche and the universe into its basic components. A modern scientific view of spiritual concepts.

Currently part one to six is available to read, with more parts to come in the future! There will be possible future revisions of the current version this is the first edition 


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