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After the first version of AIChat was developed ten ago for my own private projects, ten years later certain feedback and recalls of the memories of it original development drew me back to its redevelopment for which I made my work on what I thought was an old lost projects.

Ten years later I find myself developing a versatile artificial intelligent chat bot in and easily editable application allowing for the easy creation of smart chat bots through chatting or easy modifiable systems based on the suggestion which was fed back to me.

Currently version 5.29 of AIChat is available to download right now, with more features than originally anticipated and with many bugs constantly being fixed, this version of AIChat is the most stable version and has come a long way from the original V1 Nostalgia version.

Many features have been added since the beginning of version 5.00 to current version, one of the initial features added was the compression of large brain files, compressing a 20 gigabyte files down to just 3 gigabytes. A compressed index system allowed for faster searching of a responses in the brain file and with the ability to now turn reading and typing response time off, which adds to a better imitation of a human like response, response time is even faster.

Typical application buttons have been added with an up to date interface, new, save, load, with many starting templates to pick from and the ability to download a chat bots brain file from another server for you own person chats or projects. More information has been added, displaying database details button, displays more statistics about folders and files, and who its creator is, along with the day and month of file creation.

Different view modes and search features now allows users to see specific files or folders in the chat bots brain which helps with quick and easy modification of the brain of the chat bot.

A new backtracing system contains details of the conversation recording further back in the conversation in the file, this allows the artificial intelligence to retain the conversation by adding a bias to backtrack matches. Options to set bonus bias, based on backtracing data, day of the week file was created and month of the year file was created.

AIChat now has better hosting controls with the ability to control who can add to and edit the chat bot via chatting to the chat bot or with the right click edit functions on the files and folders under the brain tab. Admin and moderator controls allow the server hosts to set roles and what can and can not be edited with individual setting for each of the ranks under the options tab. Individual users can also have these setting set by the host and moderators. Auto backing up, recycle bin and auto save feature means you will never lose a brain file through errors.

The AICore system can be edited and saved into each brain file, this is default response system to new data, and how the artificial intelligence handles it.

In the AICore the following things can be modified: Question detection, question about self detection, unknown response to questions, unknown response to questions about self, the unknown response to statements are available to edit. The ability to edit the AICore opens up AIChat to be available in other languages. Other response to information setting are also available to edit in the AICore.

The ability to host and join online servers is easy and can be done for free on the BYOND network. Help teach each others chat bot or download the brain file from the servers. Load and merge with your own brain files to make your chat bot smarter!

Self recognition systems able to tell the context of the conversation, and has the ability to adjust and respond from the right perspective. Although off by default due to it still being developed, the artificial intelligence can detect itself and adjust the input when saving new files and folders, the adjustments are based on the perspective of the conversation, for example replacing "You" with "I" and visa versa.

The reason why the self recognition is in beta and still turned off by default is that the system is not complete and fully functional yet. The next version of AIChat will focus on updating the self recognition and context correction system to a more completed level.

AIChat is the only artificial intelligence chat bot system that is in an easy to edit application and can be used in single and multiplayer game creation.

The brain files created in the main application can be used in game creations with the AIChat script available for games creationists looking to make single or multiplayer games with the BYOND SDK. The AIChat script brings NPCs to life, adding a chat bot to NPCs in game.

The AIChat script brings a very smart artificial intelligence chat and response system to gaming allowing for game creations to bring a flexible realistic conversation to games in general.

Visit for the latest development of AIChat and the AIChat game game script.

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