The Value Of AdamAIChat

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The artificial intelligent chat bot AdamAIChat and the database it holds has many key features that are effective and beneficial.

With recent release of 5.31 adding a date dependent response system, and the version before that adding human psycological bias setting, control over the output of the artificial intelligence is now very flexible.

As AdamAIChat chat has grown, more and more features have been added to give better control to server hosts and individuals for personal use increasing its flexibility to the users.

Adaptability: The ability to learn from and adapt to new information or changing information.

  • Outputs based on time dependant controls, old data I can be ignored to avoid redundant information, new data and recent data have raised chance of output.
  • Just like human psychological biases, first information, new information, and recent information, can be set to have a higher chance of being an output.
  • Day and month data is used to track weekly and yearly events.
  • Settings offering adaptability, effecting the probability of the output are based on date data and human psycological biases are controllable in the options.

Transparency: Providing clear explanations of how decisions are made, especially for critical applications.

  • The folder and file system helps track input and output data.
  • Data is back tracked in each file to retain relevants, and can all be edited and and deleted.
  • All data on every folder and file can be individually displayed by clicking on them
  • The username of the creator of folders or files is stored along with date information. 
  • Probability based response system, with file count as a weight control in response, control over ouput biases in the options can give a bonus to weighted outputs.

Safety and Security Measures: Robust system to prevent misuse and protect against potential harm.

  • Admins have full control over moderators and users, setting who has the ability to manually edit and delete data.
  • Learning can be turned off generally and individually to disallow users from adding new data.
  • All file weight effects outputs, each files weight can be edited change the probability of output.
  • Auto saving and back up saving, on the hard drive secures data from being lost and create recovery points.

Feedback Mechanisms: The capacity to learn from feedback provided by humans.

  • Responding to last input data with an added bias towards the data inputted before that, this helps retain relevants with data outputs and allows for the users to give feedback regarding the last output.
  • Private message system allows communication directly with an admin or moderator.
  • Individuals with the ability to edit the database can manually add responses to the database.

Energy Efficiency: Operating with minimal energy consumption to reduce environmental impact.

  • A compressed indexing system allows for fasting searching of the database for an output.
  • Duplicate outputs are also compressed to optimise data storage and processing time.
  • Last said displayed at the bottom of the of the control panel for easier editing, desired response can be added in motion and faster display of current data stored increases efficiency.
  • Access to viewing the full database can be controlled by the admin hosting, saving processing allowing for better energy consumption.

Scalability: The ability to handle large volumes of data and tasks effectively.

  • A compressed indexing system and duplicate file compression system create a fast and efficient system for searching for an output from a large database.
  • Loading and saving time is also many times more reduced, saving energy and hard drive storage space.
  • Access to the viewing the full database can be controlled by the admin hosting, saving processing allowing for a bigger use base.
  • Individuals can control response time, when response time on it adds a human feel to the artificial intelligences with the realism of added reading and writing time, with response time off, the response does not add extra time and give the fastest response based on database size and a processing power.

Human-Centric Design: An emphasis on benefiting and augmenting human abilities, rather than replacing or harming them.

  • A ton of control over the experience is available to general users, admin and moderators.
  • Each server has admin controls that can be used to set the level of access to the file and folder system
  • The interface is set out to be user friendly, easy to understand with many options controlling the experience.
  • Some of the interface themes are design to easier to read, the pumpkin theme helps individuals with dyslexia, console and matrix have high contrast and helps people who are visually impaired.

Human Override: There should be a way for humans to override or intervene in the AI's decisions, especially in critical situations.

  • Each folder and file created has a username stamp, with moderator controls a person can control individually who can teachs the database further.
  • User can have full control over the detection of inputs and the outputs with how likely they are to happen.
  • A user can manually add, edit and delete data from the database.
  • The admin and moderators can have full control of the database learning new data can be used to avoid new data distorting old data.

Collaborative Capabilities: The capacity to work alongside humans effectively.

  • With the ability to switch from the artificial intelligence to chatroom mode and back again allows for mass collaboration between users.
  • The ability to send private messages to any user online bypasses the artificial intelligence allows any user reach other users easily.
  • Admins hosting with serious user can have users adding, editing and deleting data information with little effort.
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