AdamAIChat Features To Come

Visit for the latest development of AIChat and the AIChat game game script.

The default AdamAIChat settings are set to become even more human with first information bias, yet will not compromise the flexibility.

First information bias is a natural human instinct to hold new information with more importance over further acquired information on the same topic.

This bias is known as a bit a flawed in human learning, but in machine learning, this does not normally apply.

This will not compromise the intellect in the learning of AdamAIChat, an option will be added to adjust or remove this bias from the system.

New option are to be added to extremely edit the output of the artificial intelligence response to help in editing and adjusting brain files.

The new options will include repeating the last thing learned with the least responses and alwaying picking the best response with the most results, this will allow for better editing.

Another mode which will be added is game mode, this will allow a person to test a brain file for the games they created within the  BYOND game engine, forcing the AI to react like the open source game script.

Game mode removes all bias and response counts to give an even response chance, the game script does not contain version 5 options, and is based version 1.

When a brain file is converted to a version 1 the data is compresses automatically to be more optimised for gaming.

Visit for the latest development of AIChat and the AIChat game game script.

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