Facing V2K

Knowing psycology and knowing a bit about how the technology and the way it interacts with the mind and the body helps when facing a V2K, even with no prior V2K encounters, this knowledge can help to provide an understanding of V2K situation, helping to detect and protect against this technologies use.

A V2K is an illegal mind control energy weapons which can project sound into a person's head like its the inner voice bypassing the ear canal, using a harmful electromagnetic frequency rather than air pressure, the V2K has the ability produce sounds in your head louder than what the ear can stand in air presure, with seaminingy no upper volume limit.

Being the V2K is and energy weapon, it can be projected in a beam and can penetrate walls, leaving no sign of damage, users of this highly illegal technology will also likely be using infrared to aim these weapons.

First of all recognizing a different state of mind is important, the dazing effect of the microwave weapon can easily be disorienting and lower inhibitions.

Mentally taking a step back and listening can help in finding out more information to who is using these weapons.

Secondly knowing it is someone behind a microphone that dazes you with over loud words with a banned technology and how to react to it helps.

A reaction is what the users of these weapons seeks, it is easy to shout at the walls with hate or anger, or start doing strange things, but remember this is a psychological weapons.

This weapon can be hard to locate being it is and energy weapon.

The best thing to do is to try to bait who ever is using the weapon into giving information about themselves or their group, and feed the pride and ego of the terrorist into going public enough to get the attention of people.

This illegal weapons got the nick name the voice of god because of its overly loud ability to project sound, not only could this be used by terrorists to act as a god, it can also be used to act as angelic or demonic beings when at louder volumes.

At quieter volumes, it can be used by  terrorists acting as a ghost, spirit guide,  imaginary friends or people next door, when the source can actually be further away.

Third, remember its psycological. Craftier uses of this weapon can include acting as someone inner voice to manipulate, suggesting things to do, or suggesting how people feel about them during conversations.

Regrounding yourself back to what is scientifically posible and provable, along with taking the time to check yourself and your place in reality is important.

Understanding moods and thoughts during different activities is important along with the locations experiencing them.

Understanding the conflict of interest between something external that seems internal and truly what is internal, going beyond simply the inner voice and ear, there is much more a mind can do, and the inner voice and ear are but one aspect of the mind and it ability to understand a situation.

Also understanding that an idea is just an idea can help highly in this situation, many of these terrorists want you to think that you are implanted with a piece of technology, when it is fully external.

The terrorist will also likely want you to think other strange thoughts that would effect your mental stability outwardly and in understanding the source.

Although V2K can induce dazing causing a lowering of inhibitions and causing an artificially induced auditory hallucination, at higher levels of energy textured objects start to jitter like bugs crawling across the surface of them, a slight heating or thumping feeling maybe experienced against the head.

Other than the above effects, other senses are unaffected and be used to deduce the situation. Sight, touch and taste is largely uneffects. Once over you are able to get pased dazing effects it is easier to not react, at first a person is likely to reach due to shock.

The use of taboos are highly likely to be used by such a terrorist group to make conversations about the whole topic hard to talk about. These topics are used to disturb or to make people seem disturbed, so they do not get aid or are mistreated.

Social deformation is likely to be one of the main tactics of such a terrorist group, using  blackmail, slander and social control to disconnect people from around a target, leading to mental slavery.

Even if it not a crime, a person can be blackmailed over any private or personal thing, including embarrassing bad habits that are private that harm no one.

The V2K is can also be used on electronics, having a slight EMP effect, converting vocal presure into electromagnetic energy, and then once again converting the message into a visual flickers on a computer screen, phone screen or a normal light bulb.

Although this concept seems to also be a subliminal attack, seeing the light flickers over a direct attack is less effective at effecting a human, but will effect electronics and battery life on these devices.

As this weapon is a directed beam weapon, moving about will make it hard for the terrorists to hit their target and will make it more obvious that it is a directed weapon.

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