Unseen Weapon Fire

The element of weapon fire can always been heard by many, loud shocking bangs notifies the local population of weapons fire, but certain weapon fire can be silent. Silent warfare is illegal under the united nations charter and other international bodies.

This is to inform people in the general public and army personnel how to detect such illegal weaponry to combat its existence.

This kind of weaponry is illegal and consists of a number of weapons including electromagnetic weaponry, heat or infra-red weaponry, and sonic weaponry.

These weapons can be fired silently outside of the range of hearing and through walls, these weapons although silent can have devastating effects on a living being, cause organ and flesh burning from friction and rupturing from extreme pressure changes,  radioactive weapons can cause radiation burning and sickness.

Although some anti air missile systems really on an electromagnetic effect to destroy the electronic guidance system of a missile, it is considered illegal to use this on human life.

Ultra and sub sonic weapons have the ability to thump high pressure waves out with the power of a small explosion, or vibrate with such frequency that burning can be felt.

These high powers thumps with high amplitude can be felt just like standing next to a powerful music speaker at a concert, but from a far distance, the strength in the blast can be also be seen as a compressed air rippling away from the source, and felt as a slight pushing force away from source of fire.

If these high amplitude blasts are fired towards the ground, the shock wave can be felt in ground just before the air pressure blast.

These high pressure waves can also cause major pressure changed in the air in the lungs causing coughing.

Ultra sonic, or high frequency attacks can be felt as gargling, like a stomach rumbling, but across other parts of the body, and sometimes can be heard as it hits other objects slowing down the frequency to a range which can be heard. With in certain ultra sonic frequency, the feeling of numbing burning happens.

Ultra sonic fired towards the ground causes an area of burning around the weapon effecting the feet with the feeling of burning causing micro fracturing of the bones in the feet over prolonged time. When ultra sonic hits the head, it can cause double vision, even in a single eye. This can be detected simply by shutting one eyes.

Unlike electromagnetic weapons, sonic weaponry has a blast radius, and is not a beam or a laser based, the users of these weapons are likely to be the most damaged by these weapons when firing from the weapons location, if fired through walls, a certain amount of energy is reflected back.

Electromagnet weapons including heat guns are also considered to be illegal under the united nations, and with higher frequencies, these weapons become radioactive.

At lower frequencies, heat weapons in the electromagnetic weapon range are also considered illegal energy based weapon, and is most certainly not a non lethal weapon.

Heat based electromagnetic weapons can just as equally cause a large amount of harm, at the lower end burning of flesh and organs can happen, and higher end organ failure. Heat weapons can also cause body pressures to change which can also lead to damage.

Unlike nuclear bombs, these weapons shoot nuclear beams of energy and are the nastiest of weapons, causing sickness, burning, organ failure and further damage to unborn life, damaging the genetic code used to  regenerate the body and reproduce.

High energy electromagnetic weapons are  detected with the heat it produces when fires for a long period of time or the energy consumption through electricity usage to power such a weapon.

The heat this weapon produces can be detected from not only the device itself, but also everything being hit by the weapons, heating up every object within the beam. 

Geiger counters can pick up when there is a high level of radiation being fired from the beam and when residue radiation leave a trail through every object it hits, due to the objects being radioactivity charged.

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