The European Badger

The badger is a powerfully built black, white, brown and grey stripped animal with a small head, a stocky muscular body, small black eyes and short tail. The stripes on the badger tends to go from head to tail.

Badger live in burrows underground and tend to be night time forest dwellers with a diet consisting of insects and worms.

The badgers burrows tend to have multiple badgers living in multiple chambers, badgers are a social animals, and their burrowed have multiple chambers for multiple families to exist. These burrow can be as large as 81m/266ft in length, spanning small forest areas easily.

The badger has been known to share with other sub-terrarium animals, such as rabbits and foxs, but can be ferocious when threatened or provokes.

Even thought the badger is not on the endangered species list, they are among the most legally protected animal in the United Kingdom, being protected by multiple laws in the United Kingdom, but also European laws.

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