V2K Detection

Since phone switch boards have been updated from manual switching then mechanical switching to the common electronic for connecting a persons phone to another persons phone, crossed line should no longer exist.

The effect of a crossed phone line happened when the wires of multiple lines making a phone call cross and the signal of each phone call can be heard faintly in the background of the other call taking place.

This effect used to happen mainly across wired up land line phones and as digital technology advances and mobile phone started to changed the way a simple phone call is processed, crossed phone lines slowly vanished to history.

In the early days of the mobile phones, people were worried about the microwave frequency effecting an individuals brain when using a mobile phone, but now we have strict rules on the output of microwave

What a mobile does is receive a wide range of signal in the microwave spectrum compared to its narrow microwave output, the results of this is that a simple mobile phone can pick up a V2K attack, also known as a voice of God attack.

The V2K emits a frequency that that can effect the inner voice of an individual and can sometime cause a person to say what is said through the V2K at a person.

In a phone call the microwave receiver is turned on and when a person is talking, you will be able to hear what is being said through any V2K in the area, due to notice cancellation and power saving this will not be heard unless a person is speaking.

There are some apps that can be downloaded on the app store that will allow a phone to activate the microwave receiver on your phone to detect these V2K frequencies.

The better apps will allow you to narrow down from a wider spectrum to the V2K spectrum, it is best to use a sound output rather than a visual output to the user.