Sleep Agents Part 5: Control Opposition

This is a very dark psychological article about people captured in a psychologically dark situations unknowingly, involving cults, terrorist cells and sleeper agent cells.

This article is designed to detect and protect against cult mentality, extremism and terrorism cause by physical slavery, mental slavery, monetary slavery and childhood slavery.

Slavery is against the United Nations Charter, and against the law in almost every country across the world.

When a sleeper agent or terrorist cell become more advanced, so does the tactics of that cell, controlled opposition is one of the major tactics to fully controlling a situation, creating false friendly allies to find opponents to the ideas of the leadership and subvert or remove an individual against the leaderships ideas, this technique is also used to control the flow of information to outside the group and creates fears in doing so.

Insurgents are the beginning of this process, where only a few individuals would be diverting a group, subverting communication and sabotaging, when a group is mostly insurgents andd becomes an advanced technological terrorist cell, this is when individuals just joining can be wrongly trained and indoctrinated in certain way to direct their action unknowningly towards criminal activity.

If the terrorist cell becomes big enough, it can create multiple groups with a high amount of technical knowledge, and is able to create communication bubbles around multiple individuals in multiple compartmentalized groups.

The psychology behind these group may vary as there are multiple psychological methods of control, terrorist cells can seem like an aggressive idea, but can have a group of people acting soft and caring to help inforce an idea through positive association, this is more like a sleeper agent cell.

The tradition method of verbal aggression, threats of death and violence, an individual can be controlled against their will with these methods, using fear to force people into a situation or to repel people from a situation or territory.

With multiple groups in the cell a false hero group or a false ally can be used to create a artificial positive connection, and can be a hazardous alliance in the future.

Acquiring information from individuals is easier once a group of false allies is around an individual, false information can also be applied here from the false allies with a positive reinforcement of positive interaction and environment, an individual is more likely to go along with a group they feel safety with with knowing it is artificial.

Watch out for a negative form of manipulation that can be based around owing favours and return favours that are negative or damaging.

This part of the group will try to cut of communication outside of the group, this will be done with a mixture of psychology and technology, the technological part being more complicated.

Controlled opposition can be seen as prisoners in some situations, where controlled opponents are among a set of captured victims, the false prisoners would collect information, implant suggestions,  subvert conversations and sabotage escape.

Staying in communication with many people outside a specific group makes it harder to be ensnared in a group like this, understanding that spoken words may not be a fact is also important, holding on to an idea, when that is all it is, an idea, can be used to manipulate an individual and delude an individual, especially when the conversation is about who that individual is and what an individual is like.

The psycological terrorist interaction with individuals around an individual targeted is to cut social interaction with an individual target, via causing social damage through drama and slander to disconnect individuals socially, pushing an individual to certain groups, all designed to control.

These tactics to socially damage a person is normally done behind the targets back, when the target is not around certain groups, normally a targeted individuals name would be used by this group to damage an individuals reputation.

This may be done without directly coming into contact with an individual creating a socially bubbled off situation for the future, setting up future ensnarement.

This tactics for attacking individuals connected to targeted individuals can include general conversation, bribery, blackmail, threats and slander, the targeted individuals name is likely often used in these situations.

Individuals can be deceived into thinking certain situations are real, when they are acted out, and certain things are not as they seem, the results of an action of an individual may not be known by that individual outside of the compartment.

These compartmentalized individuals once they discover the negative results of their actions of that individual compartment, they will not likely to continue their actions, unless pushed upon.

The whole system will likely be highly monitored by the leadership, or monitored by individuals close to the leadership which would be overseeing them.

The leadership will likely be able to easily move between each controlled group as themselves, or using different names, a number of successfully removed target can have their identity stolen, or stolen while being targeted, the targets name might be used in criminal instances without a target knowing, just by simply using a name.

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