V2K Defence

The voice or god or V2K is an inner voice projection weapon the works on the microwave frequency that stimulates the nervous system and brain.

This weapon is heard the loudest when it hits the head, and can stimulate muscle movement if fired at other part of the body.

Because the weapon is on the microwave frequency armor similar to microwave shielding found in a common microwave can be applied.

The microwaves wavelength is repelled by the grid holes placed on a microwave ovens door, which is why we do not get effected by the microwaves emitted to cooked the food inside.

The size of the holes and spacing are important to the resistance of a frequency. It is good to test different sizes of holes, 1 mm holes that make up a normal microwave is good for the microwave frequency that the oven uses, but the V2K uses a lightly different microwave frequency and may require slightly difference hole size, the microwave frequency used may require slightly bigger holes

With a double layering of microwave armor it is advised to offset the holes for added protection to area that do not have it.

Another major element to protect against multiple ranges is changing the hole size between each layers or armor. Although sounding counterintuitive, slightly larger holes can counter different ranges on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Using the same metal to protect, smaller holes can be drilled into the metal plating just like microwaves. 

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