Sleeper Agents Part 1: History

In history the First Reich was considered to be during the Roman Empire, the Second Reich was considered to be the first World War, and the Third Reich was considered to be World War 2.

Towards the end of World War 2 a nuclear arms race began, this was known as the cold war, it was a war based less towards fighting and more towards spying for information, breaking communication, propaganda and racing to acquire nuclear supremacy.

The 2 bombs that dropped at the end of the Second World War at Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan was so destructive that it caused World War 2 to end as a single bomb could take down a who city and surround areas in a flash disintegrating even concrete and leaving the area uninhabitable for capture for hundreds of years.

These nuclear bombs dropped at the time also posed a threat further afield with the weather carrying radioactive material other countries.

From that point all the countries around the world made an agreement to never drop these nuclear bombs or missiles for the fear of retaliation with such heavy weaponry, this was call the mutually assure destruction pact, also known as MAD, the abbreviation being played apon, as to say it was madness to drop such a weapon.

This did not stop countries racing to to acquiring and stockpiling such weapons to express power in an over aggressive defensive manor, contributing to a waste in funding and personnel in maintenance, also increasing the risk in error the more nuclear armament in possession.

Just before the nuclear bombs dropped at the end of World War 2 just as the Nazis were losing, at the race for the first nuclear weapon the Nazi Reich tape system were created out of the Black Sun Societies research, a secret divination devoted to unusual research, such as mind control, genetics, magic, extra terrestrial life, UFOs, time travel, and hidden intellectual species on Earth.

The Reich tape system is a mind control system designed to create sleeper agents. Consisting of a camera to record tape and blank tape, a set of initiation tapes to watch and a small hand held cylinder projector to watch the reels of tapes on. The initiation tape last no more than 30 seconds. 

The projector cylinder look like a small tube with a hole on the side to peer through and a tape player on the side running the reel of tape through the cylinder. It is estimated the tape player can hold and play up to 10 minute worth of film. The user would hold the projector to the eye to watch the film and it would effect the user mental state.

The projector is radioactive and would burn out the eye and the brain if watched often by the user. The tube contains a very small cathode ray tube tuned to a particular frequency, the frequency of the projector can effect the user in multiple ways other than the usual radioactive effect.

The technology used in this original projector has also been scaled up to the size of the old big cathode ray tube televisions since the original cylinders with an viewing hole. These televisions tend not to have the usual plate of metal which the image is projected on, which is meant to protect the usual watchers of normal televisions.

Bigger projectors have also been created that would look like it would need a big screen to project apon, these bigger projectors are more like giant ray guns, these larger project do not need a big screen to have an effect. The scariest of these recreations is the speaker systems with a hidden cathode ray tube.

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