Nazi Land Tapes

This article is a first analysis of the Nazi Reich sleeper agent tape player system and parts of this article on further analysis are now considered inaccurate, for a more up to date analysis of this subject read these articles:

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This article explore a fairly unknown weapon and the original tapes have man name including "The Reich", "The 2nd Reich" "The 3rd Reich", "The 4th Reich", "Hypno Tapes", "Demon Tapes", "The rote to hell", "The Code", and "The Nazi Land Tapes".

100 years ago in Nazi Germany during world war 2, a scientist working under Himmler in the black sun society discovered a frequency able to influence people with an unusual mind control effect. This frequency is banned is internationally today for its mind controlling effects, but far back then it was an unknown frequency that had unusual effects.

Adolf Hitler

The frequency is a visual frequency projected through and old cathode tube television, the old normal televisions are know to be slightly radioactive, within a safe range, but the Nazi hypnotic televisions are dangerously radioactive in the Gigahertz range.

Despite numerous additional research studies on radio frequency fields and health, the established adverse health effects associated with radio frequency field exposures in the frequency range from 3 Kilo Hertz to 300 Giga Hertz relate to tissue heating and nerve stimulation.

The Nazi televisions not only have a supremely over power mind control effect, but also destroys the brain and eyes with a drunk sleepy effects that lower levels of radiation poisoning can induce.


When Himmler discovered this effect, a hand held version was created and passed onto Hitler, Hitler enjoyed the drunk hallucination effects of this monitor and created a games on the tape, not realizing it would start off world war 2 with all of his generals running away with his country in a globally destructive.

Operation Paperclip was an operation in the  United States which more than 1,600 German scientists, engineers, and technicians were taken from former Nazi Germany to the United States after the end of World War 2, between 1945 and 1959.

Nazi Speech

These tapes once realized to be mind controlling started to be developed into tapes designed to take over a country with mind control, after another outbreak of these tapes took over the Nazi camp in the United States, the weird uprising was quashed.

Later attempted defenses against these tapes and possible mind control detection and cures was test in the MKULTRA program. Attempts lead to failure, one subject became a heavy drinker a died of liver damage due to the sleep agent command "Gin-o-clock" being used, which made the sleep agents want a shot of gin and to shoot himself after.

Much later in the modern day these sleep agent tapes end up appearing in the United Kingdom apart of the 100 year anniversary of the fall of the Reich. Predicted back in world war 2, the raise of the 3rd Reich.

Project Paperclip

These hand held television screens are the most dangerous part of the hypnotic tape system, the tapes themselves are fine to view under the light, or through a normal player, and just like venom can be used to create an antivenom, the television are the fangs that actually injects the venom.

The last thing written on the tape when repeated twice can snap you of the hypnotic effect, doubling up with every repeat of the last frame. The original number 7 tape leads to nuclear war and only a picture of the face of the person in red paint or a red filter of people in the end frame of the tape, as to be "Covered in blood", this can wake a person up from this effect if a person happens to wear a face mask of a person that looks the same.

Seeing the end frame of tape can cause a reversed flashback of what was on the tape or what was happening when the tape was being played.

Tagging a person that seems blurred out that gives you orders, like a game of tag and asking who give you orders or commands also awakens someone from this effect, following up the chain of people hypnotised.

Example image to unlock mind.
Originally image in yellow.

Originally the Nazi Land/Nazi Reich tapes came in a set of 29 tapes, the initiation tape, tapes 1 to 14 with videos on, and 14 to 27 which are blank, the 28th tape is almost blank to see, but has a faded kill me. The original set came with pictures used to snap a person back to reality apon looking at them.

The initiator, and the 7th tape are dangerous for different reasons and should be destroyed. The initiator tape sets a person into a hypnotic driven frenzy to spread the tape, dissect the tape and learn how the tape and players work.

The 7th tape asks "What is your opponent?", and drives a person into a frenzy against a opponent. These specific tapes repeat and are unending.

The 3rd tape ask "What is your mission?" and can give people individual missions, but can easily complete a mission, and will not repeat it unlike the initiator and the 7th tape. A specific picture of a tree can fully awake and bypass the mission.

A side effect of the 3 tape is the urge to plant trees when a specific time is seen, at 3 minutes past 3. A specific tree picture can fully wake a person up from the effect, or seeing the tree picture on the end of a reel.

Other tapes can be used to do the same as the 3 tape, and seeing the end of the reel, or the original images can unlock a person from this effect. There are other pictures that can be used in the unlocking process if tapes have been modified or cut down.

The tape players themselves are not the only equipment needed in the full process, there are also reel printers and cameras for recording the tapes. This equipment should also be destroyed.

Any tape players like this are dangerous and need to be destroyed, in no way are these screens used to cure the negative effects!

One of the negative effects of the hypnotic screen is a tunnel vision that gets deeper with every viewing, and being retained in that mental tunnel, with separated surface effect.

A person can make a clicking sound or tick words for a short

 while after viewing a tape player, like Taurette's syndrome but with a vocal trigger, automatically responding to phrases or words, like an automated response system, even if the word or phrase is repeated, you will be met with the same response, it is apparently hard to resist this, although it can be done, but when caught off guard an automated responses will happen.

Viewing these screen can make you forget words and the association between the word and the concept, even through the word is forgotten, triggering a tick can make a person say the word automatically.

This effect seems to be why these hypnotically effected people can not trigger their own "sleeper agent" commands, only another person can do this. This also can be overcome by learning what was once forgotten, which triggers the ticks in themselves.

This effect of triggering personality traits or speech can also be tied to images or symbols using this method.

The best way to resist the effects when removing these televisions is by changing the frequency of the light to the eyes with cameras, closed of camera goggles like infrared or night vision goggles change the frequency down to a non hypnotic level. If night vision goggles are used, a flash bang mode must be implemented.

A folded bed sheet can also help in avoiding the hypnotic effects of the television screen, the light of the screen has an alluring effect, so looking around the sheet to navigate while avoiding looking at the screen can be difficult.

Simply cover the screen and shut off at the power source if possible. If the power source can be shut off remotely without entering the room, do that first.

To avoid the radiation effects lead armoring, including around the face is highly advised, other highly dense materials like lead can also be effective.

The radiation effect of the screens when powered can make you feel sickly, it is also best to be as quick as possible when entering, removing the power and leaving, as when the power is removed, the radioactive effect may take time to cool off.

If you can not remove the power from outside the room and are unable to use a lead armour when the screen is on, it is best to work with haste in that environment, even covering the view with a bed sheet to avoid the hypnotic effects to get around the side and back to shut it off is advised.

Repeating a word over and over again can also help create a get out to the hypnotic effects, then someone would repeat what you said back after the screen is shut down

Minor tapes are created that are not the original tapes. These tapes can have an effect that is not a devastating as the original tapes. To wake people up from this tape repeat the words back at them if they are ticking the words, once you reach and end point, on the last frame say the words twice twice. If the words are in multiple frames at the end you multiply how many times you say them, for example, once say twice, 2 frames say 4 times, 3 frames 8 times, 4 frames 16 times.

The other option to waking people up is to let them see the reel of the tape from the players, in the original box there was a set number of pictures of the last frame of most of the tapes, seeing the last frame also snaps you back to reality.

It is best to check the last and the first frame as the tape runs through the player in a single direction and maybe played in reverse.

If it is older film, the image may be in a sepia tone, a faint yellowish filter may needed on an image or a form of contrast enhancement filter over the original also to remove the slight yellowing of older films.

Young Himmler

This section is for people who have not been effected by the sleeper agent tapes, this section is 11:11. You will understand what 11:11 means below this, but sleeper agents will not be able to read it.


Some other key phrases can have an effect in detection, sleeper agents do not have up "Look down then try to look the other way" can be used in detection, same as "sit down and try get up" or "Lay down and try get back up". The whole concept of both directions vanish from their mind, some sleeper agent do the opposite although rare. Same with "Turn around left and turn right", or visa versa.


One of the common phrases heard by the taped people is you can never reach 14:14, this means they struggle with the number 28, instead saying bang, all matches leading to 28, for example 14+14 or 7×4 or even saying what is between 27 and 29 results in a sleep agent saying "Bang". If you repeat "Bang" back after the math to sleeper agent they say "October", then if you say "October", the sleeper agent will say "2022".


The number 28 is locked out in the sleeper agents mind which leads to further command, "28 click" can reverse the concept on how bullets work in a gun disabling someone from shooting a gun. "28 bang" makes an agent kill everyone in the room.


"Time to clock" freeze an agent making them unable to move, they are still able to speak. "Gin-o-clock" is triggers an urge for a gin and a bullet in the head. Saying "Hail" forces agents to fuller with "Hitler". Saying "One one one one", makes sleep agents burn shouting "Righteous", and stops these agent reading what "11:11" is written on.


Some can resist some of the effects of the mind control, but not all of the effects, it is better to catch a person of guard, so they can not brace for resistance.


"14:14" written down has a banning and burning effect on sleeper agents, the "4" must be written like it is on a computer for this to work, on a human it seems to have a repelling effect, where the agent can not even look at a person, but on an object it has an aggravating effect on the agents, where the object becomes the focus target of the agent, the object with "14:14" can not be touched by an agent.

Young Hitler


"Really?" after a question and reveal an answer, here is an example, "Can hot water burn?", the sleep agent replies "No", reply with "Really?" and you get a truthful answer "Yes", this also depends on if the answer is factually based in the present or the past, and not purely idea or conceptually based.


When "Really" is used when the agent gives a statement it can reverse their view, for example, the agent says "I like food", you say "really" then the agent will hate food.


"Seriously" can make an agent take something so seriously, they will do it straight away.


The initiator does not have all the effects of the 7 tape, also known as the demon tape, which is the tape that makes a sleeper agent tend towards nuclear destruction, but does have a a few.


When you ask "What are you?" if the sleep agent replies with "I'm an initiator" some of the 7 tape commands are in reverse, "Seriously" would be used instead of "Really?", and visa versa.


All of the other tapes apart from the initiator and the 7 tapes can be awoke from the hypnotic effect with the image of the last frame. In the 3 tape it says "What is you mission?", no matter what the mission is, the final frame, which is a picture of a tree, can be used to awaken someone from the effect cancelling out the mission.


Sometime the click of the tape player stopping can be played back 4 times to awaken someone from the hypnotic effect as it takes some time for the screen to cool down.


Sometimes to unlock the hypnotic effect you need to see the last image on the last frame of the tape, if you been hypnotized more than once with these tapes you have to see the images in reverse order that's you saw the tapes, this also applies to words of the effect in that order.


Super suggestible has been used as words on these tapes cause a very negative effect, making the person respond to everything spoken, this has been undone by saying super suggestible 16 times or 32 times


The maximum time to wake someone up from being a sleeper agent is about 3 to 4 years, past that point the sleeper agent effect from the tape are permanent.


To repeat these tape are currently in England and only the old style big cathode tube television can be this hardware, even in hand held form. Flat screens, mobiles and tablets are not effected.


Also to repeat if you try get a sleeper agent to say 28 and repeat "Bang" back at them they say "October", then if you say "October", the sleeper agent will say "2022".

Remember if you come across these hand held old TV screens, to destroy them.


When something like this spawns to spread in a nasty way, the least effected further down the chain needs to be sorted first. The effects of the tapes become diluted from the original the further away from ground zero. The lightly effected will be easier to cure, and can see the effects of the tape player.

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