Inner Voice Blocker

The inner voice blocker is a nasty version of the V2K an illegal weapon also known as the voice of the god has been created by a terrorist group in Harlow, Essex, and was first known to be used in Waltham Abbey.

Image by C.Stadler/Bwag

The inner voice blocker makes it very hard to think in the head and seems to have no sound unlike the normal use of the V2K, the negative effect of this weapon can make it very hard to hear the inner voice, forcing an individual to read and think out loud, and can have very big drastic effect on amount a person can think, this is achieved by putting a white noice through a wide area effecting V2K.

The inner voice is more complicated than simply thinking one single stream of one sentence at a time, the brain normally is able to think of multiple sentences fast than the mouth can possibly move and using such a weapon can drastically slow thinking down, over using this weapon can permanently damage the speed of thinking in the brain as the mind adjusts to this state, it is estimated that in 6 months of constantly using weapons can leave long lasting effects.

This form of V2K is not beam weapon that is aimed, but an wide area weapon effecting everything in a sphere around the device, the distance of effect depends on power and strength based on effectiveness of the weapon built.

If this weapon is used close to a learning establishment, such as a library, school, college or university, the effect is very noticable, due to people reading having a problem with reading silently in their head, it is very noticable if the weapon is switched on and off in short bursts.

This form of the V2K is harder to detect by civilians as it is a constant stream of white noise rather than localised speaking or sounds.