AdamAIChat Development

Development of AdamAIChat has reached a new level from the original concepts of the chat bot.

The AICore handles how to respond to new information and how to record the response given to it, where a well developed brain files handle most of the response because responses have already been acquired from talking to it.

Currently subscribers and server hosts are able to edit the AICore and create custom key phrase detection and custom default responses when dealing with new information in a brain file.

These Custom AICores are saved into the brain file itself and is transferable to other people along with saved responses.

The original had a level of realism after a good level of training was applied to a brain file, but had no psychology applied to it when building up the artificial intelligence, the only psychological trick of the original version was the delay in response time, an added delay in the response time based on the size of what is being said have the chat bot feel less machine feel, not responding instantly. This is now a feature that can be turned on and off.

Because of the size of the old save files reaching a large level due to bad handling of data, the response time would grow even larger with large saved brain files.

What added realism also was a flaw in original when saved brain files became larger, not only adding a delay for realism, but an even bigger delay for searching a response.

The modern versions handles the data much better with compressing and indexing response so that the actual processing of input and outputs have greatly been improved

The AIcore better handles data when detecting the difference between a question and a statement when it come to new information, and with different viewing modes to arrange the data better to the users when searching, such as view question folders and view empty folders to add responses where lacking quicker from the menus system.

Although it is still in beta the self recognition system of AdamAIChat is able to tell the context of a conversation and can recognize when the user is referring to the AI directly when asking a question.

In a step towards sentient artificial intelligent chat conversation, AdamAIChat is now able to recognize itself in conversation and is able to adjust the inputs to the correct the context on who is referring to who when receiving now information.

Using a mixture of detection features and psychology when receiving new information, the artificial intelligence is able to worm out more information from a person to acquires responses quicker.

The artificial intelligence will ask a person back what they know if the artificial intelligence does not have any responses to a question, to see if a person can fill in a response quicker.

Statement are acknowledged and tends to push the conversation to what are typical responses of acknowledgement, these can be viewed in the return point folders.

The artificial intelligence will respond with a specific phrases based on advanced psychological conversation principles where no response are available, pushing the user to respond in a specific way to add data to the artificial intelligence faster.

Just like how AdamAIChat is able to take key words from the conversation and detect the between questions and statements, the AICore can now detect when the users is referring to the artificial intelligence it is chatting to. This element is highly developed already.

The beta element of this is how the artificial intelligence treats this data of self recognition.

When the artificial intelligence has detected when it is referred to, the artificial intelligence is able to adjust the different perspective between "you" and "I" in the conversation and record an adjusted responses based on the perspective of the conversation.