AdamAIChat Theme Update

Orange? Why orange? This is one of the most common questions asked about AdamAIChat, this question is asked so often, that it is at the top of the frequently asked questions pages on the AdamAIChat website.

There are multiple answers to this question, but the main answer to this question is that it helps people with dyslexia to read and write better when talking to the artificial intelligence.

Another reason, even though it is less important for computer users, it helps avoid eye strain, allowing users to use the application for much longer without the few users that do suffer with getting eye strain and headaches from suffering these effects.

The orange interface also is like night mode on phones, just like street lights at night, the light colour does not disturb the sleeping pattern of individuals, this stops people from being kept awake past their natural sleeping time.

But this question of "Why orange?" is about to vanish from the frequently asked questions page on the AdamAIChat website, as the next update will be bringing a major change to the interface with multiple coloured theme that will allow each user to customize the application colours based on each individuals preference.

Server hosts will be able to set up the starting theme when hosting, then individuals can customize their own theme without effecting other users, if the host is a subscriber, users connecting will see the subscription theme that has been set.

This is one of the most requested feature update since AdamAIChat became public and in version 5.31 this will become a reality!

To get a sneak peak of the themes intended for 5.31, click here to visit the AdamAIChat website.

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