Controlled Opposition

In "1984" written by George Orwell, the resistance force was a false resistance set up by big brother to route out individuals who where in opposition against big brother, with big brother being the government with control over every aspect of each individuals life in the 1984 universe.

The book 1984 By George Orwell

In the movie "The Matrix" it is hypothesized that Neo never truly ever leave the Matrix, but his mind moves server in with everyone who resists the Matrix creating an artificial illusion of choices that seems have an effect.

The Architect explains this to Neo later, that the key to human conforming to the idea of the Matrix is not pleasure, joy or happiness, but the essence of choice, and the outcome of choice is controlled by the system.

In the real world two shops or products that seem like competitors can be owned by the same company, it does not matter which product your pick or which shop you goto, the same company will profit.

This idea can extend into other aspects of control, the old idea of a gangster style protection racket, where one part of a gang will offer protection for a price, and if this money is not produced, another part of the gang would cause trouble.

The initial set of people that seem to be the protectors can seem very friendly, looking out for the companies best interest in a hard area, and may come across like an insurance company or a security company.

After the damage has been done by what would look to be like a separate gang incidents, the seamingly friendly tradesmen would revisit the company and off their services once again.

Seemingly friendly hidden spy providing information to an enemy is another  examples of what controlled opposition could look like.

Knowing to much information about a situation where no linking connection between two or more groups could possibly be made between groups can be a sign of an infiltrating forces.

A very enthusiastic but negative view of an opposition group to be friendly is a second sign of infiltrating forces.

If the a two group as a whole is actively attacking with an opponent group defending an individual or a group this can likely be a controlled opposition group and the goal of both groups maybe very similar in its attempt to get close to an individual or group.