Trickery, Traps And Triggers

"This article is designed to help people to detect, defend and counter against complicated psycological warfare and energy weapon use. Elements of this article are to help counter attacks that may break international laws set out by United Nations charter, such as remote warfare."

When dealing with much more complicated forms of terrorism, such as psycological warfare and technological electronic weaponry terrorism, the usual idea of what a trigger and what is a trap can seem very subtle and hidden.

Just after World War 2, three months after the start of the trial of German Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem, Stanley Milgram began an experiment on August 7, 1961, in the basement of Linsly-Chittenden Hall at Yale University to explain the psychology of genocide and answer the popular question: "Could it be that Eichmann and his million accomplices in the Holocaust were just following orders? Could we call them all accomplices?"

More than 60 years later and this line of "I was just following orders" is still in use by groups of people caught up knowing in criminal activity, but is unable to take the fault of their own actions by faulting the orders over questioning the orders, it is the individuals knowing of what is right or wrong which is in question including the giver of the orders.

If a person is fully unknown of the outcome of their actions, the situation can be rather more complicated if something happens to go wrong, it is unlikely for and individual to not know the full workings of the task they are doing even if it is just a small part of that process.

Although it is not impossible to fully trick  individuals understanding of a situation by making it seem like an innocent experiment, a trick, a show or a game.

A heavily compartmentalized processes should be a warning sign, do not to take part in a process where the full end result is not known.

Also be cautious of any person giving out scripted lines to say aloud, if the words seem out of context of what is happening, or how they would sound out of context if overheard, recording equipment such as cameras and microphones maybe used.

What electronics devices are used for are much more complicated now and the complex connection between devices, linking controls, actions and the communication of information, can reach much further and faster than before.

There are also many home appliances that can be control remotely from a phone, devices such as a front door bells that has a camera, microphone and speaker can be viewed from a phone many miles away.

With an electronic weaponry the weapon is not mechanical with a chemical reaction propelling a metal through the air, an electrical energy source is needed for the ammunition and the trigger can be any electronic input device, for example, a button, a switch, a microphone, a camera or other sensors or detectors.

Some sonic weapons already use a wired microphone, such as the long range acoustic device (LRAD), and just like standing close to a loud sound source can damage the ears, so can the LRAD.

With a phone or the internet, a sound input can be made remote, with an unsuspecting user not knowing the full extent of damage they are doing innocently hired for a voice acting role, this is a form of compartmentalization.

The sounds that a voice actor may provide could be used to attack someone directly from a live mircophone or be recorded to use on a sound board laters, this can place an actor in a dangerous position where the actor is unknowingly being set up as the villain in a real life scenario.

Although it may seem to be the fault of someone by their words, the evidence may dictate otherwise, a hired actor acting like someone else, is not the person hiring the actor, the true villain, or even the person employing a persons to hire an actor, in a compartmentalized factrory line like chain of command.

Truly anything can be played through such devices, it would not be a radio stations or a song writers fault if their songs and shows were played through weaponised device.

After a crime is committed a clean up squad can snap shut on an unknowing person to make them accountable for the whole criminal workings falsifying and covering for who is actually accountable for the criminal activity, these themselves may also be actors, and maybe worked into the act while serious people be waiting for them to cover up their criminal activity.

The idea of this is to avoid blame for a crime by creating a false criminal to cover for them, with the ideas that "There is no one to catch if we have caught the criminal for the crime already."

All activities of a group has to considered when a crime is committed, the persons hiring, and the person hiring them, all the people who helped built, deliver and set up weapon systems, at all locations.

At each location all the owners of each property or land had to also be considered, even if rented.

If this group hires actors to act like police, armed police, army or a counter terrorism  force, multiple police forces or army unit may be needed and should be contacted and be away of interference in communication, questioning about the where the uniform was acquired if of upmost importance.

Cancellation orders and "The job is done" should not be accepted in such a situation and other forms of communication must be adopted to avoid interference, any new communication must also be monitored for interference as the traditional communication method was found to be interfered with.

Any person able to intercept communication that has not found to do so can do it again.