Implanted Dilusion

Slavery and energy weapon is against the United Nations Charter and is against the law in most countries, this article is designed to combat mind control, mental slavery and energy weapon use.

An idea can be like a seed that can grow into deep rooted theories about reality, people who use psycological torture can implant false ideas based around misunderstood facts that can grow into delusional thoughts.

Delusional thoughts can be used to disconnect an individual from society leading to a form of mental slavery.

A good example of a delusional idea that has grown heavily in the targeted individual community is the implant that can be placed into the brain used to control an individual, which some may call the mark of the beast.

Many concepts around the futuristic dystopian idea which technologies can lead to, does not mean these technologies currently exist, concepts such as surgical implantation or nano structures that are inserted into the brain via food or air particle distribution are currently under developed, and some are non existent.

More than likely food can simply be drugged or poisoned and poisonous chemicals can be distributed in the air, which can effect the cognitive function of the brain but as for nano particles taking control of a persons thoughts and actions in detail are unlikely, relaying information back to an attacker via this method would be highly implausible.

Current brain implantation such as the Neuralink is still in a developing stages and is currently undergoing human trials, the technology involved in this requires an immense understanding of neuroscience, computer science and electronics, and is not a developed as people may think, the Neuralink is just starting 

Having and implant of any kind in the body requires regular checks to avoid the body rejecting the implanted material and to avoid infection.

Digital systems can be taken advantage of by hackers to gain access your camera, your microphones, your keyboard and remotely viewing your screen, and with access to these outputs from yourself to the world.

Hidden sensitive microphone a possible but can be harder to hide, and simply listening from the next door is also a possible method of acquiring knowledge.

An attacker can relay information about yourself back to yourself with the idea of personally hacking your mind to acquire this information, the use of implanting this idea of hacking a persons mind can cause a delusion which is disturbing.

Attackers will induce a element of fear through being an unseen enermy when doing this, staying out of sight to avoid being attacked due to being an invader into a targeted individuals life.

This is known in the horror movie industry once an enemy is seen and known it is less frightening.

A person can shout out or project knowledge of the information stolen back through the wall of they can use more advance methods of doing this.

More than likely an attacker using an electromagnetic weapon called V2K or sonic weaponry called an LRAD maybe attacking you to personally attack your senses.

These methods of inducing out of control ideas to an extreme level are designed to disconnect from the current usual thinking of normal humans, and can create obsession in unusual topics.

The microchip or the mark of the beast implant is one type of exacerbated ideas used to humiliate targeted individuals, other ideas similar are alien contact, talking to Angel's or God's.

Another form of delusion that can be induced is an elated sense of self by making an individual feel more special than anyone else inducing a dilusion of grandeur, which can cause a person to be arrogant and narcissistic, this can be avoided by being humble and not being dismissive of other people or their ideas.

To avoid falling prey a targeted individual can deduce the likelihood of each individual topic based on the average human thinking and experience in reality with debates and conventions over each topic.

Research into existing technologies and experiences can be done very easily without bringing your own personal experience into the debate to create an unbiased understanding of the general thoughts normal people have

Debating or having a conversation with an open mind to an idea just being an idea will avoid an individual falling into a fantasy view of reality.

An understanding of what is scientifically possible and scientifically plausible with our current technology can ground a person thinking to the physical reality we live in, physical evidence can also be very important in understanding what can be happening.

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