Psychological Terrorists Dwindling

There is momentum growing to fix the situation. Many people can see it happening, the most obvious of the terrorists alerted people to the terrorist cell, even though they are sly with the tactics of inserting themselves into different groups of people.

Many people have now noticed individuals and found who they associate with, just simply knowing means they understand better how to protected them selves against the dangerous tactics.

Many people from many different groups and professions are taking action in their own way to help protect the community as a whole, together making a better social environment to live.

Much information of the groups tactics have been disclosed to the public and many people are combating this dangerous group directly.

As people discover more and more information about the group workings and tactics, more will be exposed, the group is beginning to dwindle in size and a few hidden in the background have come out of hiding.

The groups insertion tactics into other groups make the situation between each group uneasy, with discommunication and communication interception tactics, communications between groups can be a difficulty, but many are attempting to collaborate.

The use of psychology to disconnect people and rope in new outsiders into major crimes for doing what seems to be a simple and innocent act but being very dangerous has been noticed by many individuals, these individuals have been informing other individuals of the danger of the situation.

To the people who are directly combating the group, although the group is starting dwindle, remember to continue being cautious, keep up what you are doing, your doing it well, do not lower your guard.

Be cautious of any changes in their action towards the end, their tactics may change if they panics, look out for hidden people that maybe revealed, also look closely at interactions between other individuals, these hidden people maybe the leadership as your reach the top of the chain of command.

The leadership could hiding solo or in another group socially or professionally acting as the seed of controlled opposition, attempting to sway the mental viewpoint of the group or individuals of a group through psychological crowd control, these people can easily move between many enclosed groups.