Energy weapons in the United Kingdom


If someone asks you is their name on this page, they are likely a sleeper agents afraid of being effect by certain numbers on this page.

Original Publish Date: Beginning of 2022
Updated Alias Names: August 2023
Information Updated: June 2023

This is a recording of sonic weaponry hitting my phone with such force threw a wall that it makes my hands jolt. The same terrorist organization also uses electromagnetic weapons, including head guns, radiation and various forms of the V2K weaponry, also known as the voice of god.

I do not know any of these people in person, all names and job roles record are accurate at the original times, and alias are added further from that. All data recorded was from over using V2Ks in my area.

All names a birth names and aliases can be official name changes via the government or just names used when talking unofficially.

Most of the people in this list have used the alias of Adam or Tom.

Infiltration of other forces in the United Kingdom maybe possible by this group, using other victims identity, name changes and other false identities created.

If the group has one person that has infiltrated a service, it is like multiple people in the group have also infiltrated a service, this allows the group to continue using a service against the civilians even if one person is discovered.