Modern Idea Suppression

With the ban of from Google searches currently going on, the wonder of what has happening behind the scenes to get this website banned from Google searches must be brought into question.

For a start Chaosism is a collection of philosophical writings that logically describes spiritual thinking, defining of mind, body, spirit, the collective community and the universe.

In this writing is a singles persons scientific perspective on a spiritual view, after years of multiple types of meditation practices, self education into multiple spiritual beliefs structures, science and psychology.

Giving a clear perspective of where the soul is in relation to the mind in relation to the body and the interconnected of the body and the universe, as it interact with the universe and the universe interacts with it.

With details of what the body can sense and how far actions apon the universe can have and effect, as interactions can ripple out further and return.

There is no violence in the writing, and no negative persuasion of cohesion, just a deep but simple view on cause and effect in reality, images on are simple formless artwork style of blended colour and containing no symbol, objects or bodies.

Which begs the question why would it be black listed from Google searches? On other search sites, this website is still available.

If this writing on spiritual philosophical views are suppressed, would this not be classed as religious suppression?

Who would have the disdain for the concepts writen enough to block such content along with the controls to suppress from Google such ideas?

Is this block only in effect in the United Kingdom or world wide, and is it government controlled, Google controlled or an independent action that has done this?

It is unlikely to be Google themselves, as the website itself is built on Google services and uses to publish these writings for the public to read, as it still exists on a Google service, the website itself has not been blocked, the website is blocked only on the main front page of, when searching  Googles.

Google has been dubbed the front page of the internet, one of the most searched internet searching websites, and being blocked can cut view drastically, especially for new websites like just starting less than a year ago.

Surely blocking religious freedom of speech is against Googles policy, blocking a logical  philosophical view of spiritual teaching would go against the United Nations Charter and is generally protected across the world.

As a website creator of a website you tend to keep a track of your ratings in Google and how easy it is to search, everyone who understands website building has a search phrase that is unique to a website which will always bring your page to the top of the search being a phrase is that specific, Blogger pages hosted by google tend to be nearer the top as Blogger is a Google service.

As the website still exists, views from other sources are still available, such as social media and linking from other websites, this is where most the views come from in general for most websites, and although and hindrance, is mild in effect when regular advertising is done via other platforms.

This surely effects website that are not commonly advertised and need be available on an internet searching platform to obtain views and can be dangerous for new shops or services.

This can make you wonder who is in control of this and what else are they silently blocking from your view, a massive amount of people use Google for facts and education, this amount of control can be used to guide a populations thoughts towards or away from an idea, and who ever has banned is most certainly trying to move people away from the ideas collected in these writings.

Ultimately the writings of is beholding something worth reading if someone feels its should be hidden, like a secret society wants the true hidden spiritual meaning to remain hidden as only they can hold the keys to the universe itself, tucked away from the public view!

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