Open Door Banking

Making your bank account easier to access for yourself can leave a massive risk of theft, making it easier for others to access your account, mobile banking apps designed to make your accounts easier to access in your daily life can leave an open door for intruders to access your money.

The more doors you leave open to your bank account the more likely you are to be stolen from, with each access point to your money open the opportunities and entry points thief has.

Originally you had the option to opt out of having a chip and pin card, but that option has since faded away, simply swiping a card with no security of a pin is one of the most simple methods of stolen card use.

A quick simple method of calling your bank to report a stolen or lost card can quickly fix this issue, but there are more way to access a account than just a bank card.

More people than ever use mobile banking via a mobile app and this in it self is not likely to be password protected, you simply open the app and all the account details are there leaving security down to the phones security, a phone hacker is able to bypass a built in security of a phone to get to this.

A stolen phone is harder to disable as you need access to a computer or another phone to disable, the best action would be to report your bank card assigned to your phone as lost or stolen.

Using NFC on a phone is like having a chip and pin card, simply swiping your phone across a chip and pin device to pay for goods and services can also be a risk if left on, no hacking skills are needed for this.

Another factor of NFC when it comes to hacking is cloning, if left on someone can clone the signal to emulate your card easier than cloning a bank card from a bank machine, as it generates its own signal constantly pushing out the data.

For each door left open is an option for a thief to gain access to your bank account, it is best to use a banking website rather than using an app and avoid using NFC for maximum security.

If you use NFC always make sure that you only turn it on when making a transaction, and turn it off when the transaction is completed, sometime it can be easy to forget, or miss press the button to turn it off, so double check.

Remember the more easier it is for you to access your bank account the easier it is for thiefs to access it also, the more access points you have to access your account the more option thiefs have also, do not leave to many open door to your bank account and try to minimize how many doors your have.

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