Minecraft map for fun!

To download this map (Version 1.18 & 1.19 Minecraft required):

In my spare time I have been playing Minecraft and building a map on the same map for a few months, little by little this map became a massive map with lots of resources and many linked settlements, this map works on the latest version of Minecraft.

In the main settlement where I started there is few typical animal farm and an auto egg hatching and slaughter farm. There is an auto harvest grain farm and a bone meal generator made from an auto harvesting sugarcane farm. A bee farm allows people to make candles in the far corner of the main settlement. The local area is dotted heavily in flowers.

The train station at the main settlement has 8 platforms and is able to hold 8 trains and is connected to an underground mining network, a storage depot holding and extra 3 trains, and outside rails to 2 others settlements, each with a stop in between.

The closest train stop to the main settlement has a finely crafted evil temple nearby encapsulating a nether gate, with rooms upstairs for residents.

Each bridge and tunnel between each settlement is also crafted with love to fit in with these scene.

The furthest settlement is mainly built around the train station, with most o the shops above the station or next to the station, and farmland and housing close to the train station. At the top of the train station shopping plaza you will find a rooftop garden.

The biggest settlement is a jeweled developed city with many beautiful features, and complete with the many many of the shops. There is large amounts of farmland surround the city and a great wall containing housing stretching a part of the city.

Just outside the massive city is a small little train station with stairs leading up to a small temple with a glass covered fire pit.

To download this map (Version 1.18 & 1.19 Minecraft required):